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Acoustically transparent screen recommendations for a Silverstar fan

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We are prepping our home for sale in the next few months and along with it we are planning to leave the theater room and its projector and Silverstar screen in place.

I had wanted to place the speakers behind the screen but it just wasn't possible in the home we're selling. In our new home, I hope to have enough room to revisit an approach with a perforated screen. However, I've become very accustomed to the Silverstar and really like it. So since it's been seven years since we built the current theater I'm sure technology has advanced significantly. Without spending hours searching for stuff on Google I figured I'd just as the simple question to the brilliant folks here at AVS who were so helpful when I bought my last screen.

Any recommendations on high quality screens that are acoustically transparent? If so, what do you like about that brand/model?


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Stewart 5D microperf would be the closest to a Silverstar with AT.

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What size screen are you planning on?

How far back will be the seating distance be?

What will the viewing angles be?

What projector do you plan on upgrading to?

The answers to these questions could make a big difference in whether an AT screen (especially a high gain one) is even feasible for you at all or what type of AT screen you should get.

The Stewart's are a lot of $ but have lots of options. Contact Stewart as they can tell you what screen type will match better w/ your projector.


If you're on a budget, there's still options but you'll only have a gain of about 1, so it will limit your screen size.
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Thanks, folks. All great replies!

I won't know the size and viewing distance until we actually buy a new place and I know the size of the room I'll be working with. My post was more a preemptive call for better understanding of what's comparable to my Silverstar but with perfs. I know the screen will have to be at least 90" at a 2.35:1 AR because that's what I've got now and I will not be downsizing.

I'll check out the Stewart 5D for sure.

My projector will likely be whatever the latest Panasonic 3D projector is. I've enjoyed the PT-AE1000U and PT-AE3000AU so far so unless there's a super compelling reason to switch brands there I'll probably buy my third Panasonic projector. I expect to spend about $2000-$3000 on the projector.

Viewing angles will be dictate by room dimensions and size but I won't be doing anything radical on the front. most viewing will be just two people so we'll be dead center.

As for distance, I like the largest screen I can get without having to turn my head to see something so I tend to err on the closest recommended viewing distance side rather than playing it conservative. I followed a THX spec once when I had a 76" Stewart electric dropdown 16 x 9 screen and quickly realized that their recommendations were too conservative for my liking and I could have gone much bigger without concern. When I upgraded to a 2.35:1 Silverstar and a larger room I went with a 90" at about a 12' viewing distance and it's been perfect for me.
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