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Streamer with best picture quality?

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As of today, what media streamer has the best picture quality? I know there's quite a bit of subjectivity in this question, but for example by and large the blu-ray crowd will say the Oppo BDP-10x offers reference quality video. Not everyone agrees, but there's objective data and seemingly majority consensus on the subject.

From reading reviews, I get the impression the A-400 and Dune HD are the front runners for picture quality. Has anyone seen Spears & Munsil benchmarks, or any other accepted test measurements? I specify "today" because I've never held faith in the idea that so and so will have a great player out in Q4 - that just never works out as planned.

Thanks for your input!
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Here's some "front-runner" reviews:

Dune HDTV 303D

Dune HD Base 3D

Popcorn Hour A-400

Mede8er MED1000X3D

All of these models have great picture quality, with its own share of strengths and shortcomings. There is no "perfect" media player. I recommend you read these reviews, to best suit your needs.

I currently have the Dune HDTV 303D, because of the ease of use, value, great support of TV Show cataloging, and third-party software support.
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Thanks for those - I don't suppose anybody makes a media streamer that has a "source direct" or "original resolution" mode? Then I could use outboard scalers to beef up the image the way I like it.
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OP- FWIW I spent several days researching media streamers that seemed to be the top choices. The most well rounded, full featured, most operational was the dune 3d/zapitti without a question. It also has one of, if not the best, track record.

PCH has issues, and its been out far too long IMO to have the issues its having.

I bought the dune zapitti in the end for backed up media and the Netgear Neo streamer box, 300sl i think is the model. The Netgear was the only box with official VUDU 3D support and Dolby Digital plus passthrough audio. It does'nt have Amazon but that's not much of a loss for me.

The.n for BluRay i got a simple Pioneer bdp150.

Depending on your AVR you might not even need to worry about media streamer picture quality. Does your AVR support good video upscaling?

Here's a thread of mine that might help. I rant a lot but get a lot figured out too.


Good luck!
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