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It should open with Microsoft Word. Or, you could use OpenOffice.
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Hi Showroomcali. Could you please post calibration settings for the LGLA6210? I have a 55" and my blacks are horrid. Thanks.
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Showroomcali any work on the Sammy 65F7100 have it on Standard
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Originally Posted by showroomcali View Post

20 IRE is the 20 Point Grayscale. If you scroll down, you toggle the scale from 5-100. Cheers! Welcome to AVS smile.gif
Hi! Been trying the setting for 47LA6200 for my 60LA620. But I am stuck at White Balance settings.
I selected Colour Temperature as Warm1, Method as 20 Point Ire. U can have a look at the picture. After that, I'm lost.
Advise will be greatly appreciated!!smile.gif
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Showrroomcali hasn't posted since 7/21/13. Until he starts posting again, if ever, you might want to pick up a commercial calibration disk such as Spears & Munsil, 2nd Edition, or the free AVS HD709 disk and adjust the basic settings yourself (color, contrast, brightness,sharpness, aspect, etc). You won't be calibrating your tv, for that you need meters and specialized software, but you can definitely improve pq and that may be all you need. Calibration settings don't always transfer well (actually rarely) from set to set because of component tolerances , panel type, and different viewing environments so you're best off to make accurate picture adjustments with a cal disk, learn how to properly calibrate yourself, or pay for a professional calibration.
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Well said.smile.gif just bought this tv so I thought could just play around with it a little bit. Thanks!
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I am new to the forum and have a question.  I just bought an LG 32LN530B.  I got it at Walmart and paid $258 for it.  It is my first HD TV.  I have discovered that it has the capability to be professionally calibrated and am wondering if anyone has had it done on this model.  I think it would cost more than I paid for the unit to hire some one, but I would like to see the results if someone has had it done.  I would like to plug the numbers in just to see what it would look like as an experiment.


Overall, I am happy with the picture I get using the picture wizard, but the darks seem too dark and I can't seem to get them exactly where I want them.


Where can I get a copy of the free AVS HD709 disk?  That might help.



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A professional calibration would probably start around $250. Use the Search feature to find the AVS HD709 files (it is in various formats). I don't have the link handy. You can burn it to a CD but will need a blu-ray player to play it, if memory serves me correctly.
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I would love some settings for the Vizio M50 please!

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^^^^ see post #185.
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Hey, can you post some calibrations for the Sony KDL-55W900A? Greatly appreciated, thanks. (If he ever posts again).

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Would appreciate settings for Sammy UN60FH6200
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Showroomcali hasn't posted since 7/21/13. It appears he has other commitments. I would get a calibration disk and adjust your own settings so that they are specific to your exact model and viewing environment. Each tv has different component tolerances so what looks good on someone else's may look like crap on yours. A disk alone won't calibrate your set but all you may need is some fairly accurate adjustments instead of a full calibration which requires a light meter and specialized software.
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showroom cali,


I just bought a vizio m701d-a3.  Were you ever able to find one to calibrate?

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^^^^ see post #193.
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Originally Posted by Otto Pylot View Post

^^^^ see post #193.
i dont think reading comprehension is a strong skills set here smile.gif
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^^^^ well, with only 1 post to his name I'm willing to pass it off as newbiness wink.gif
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Would greatly appreciate settings for Samsung UN55F7100.


Thank you!

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^^^^ see post #193.
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saw that post after I had already posted. 



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I have the same issue as wickedavs on my la6230
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^^^^ see post #185.
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