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5.1 Surround Home Theater in Bonus Room with Slanted Walls

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I am currently building a house with a 11.5' x 18' bonus room that I plan on converting into a home theater. On the one far wall is the stairs and opposite is a window, so my best options for the tv placement is along one of the 18' side walls. I don't want to dedicate this room to being a HT, I just want the availability to enjoying a movie when I want to. So blocking the window would really hinder the natural light when I am just lounging about in the room. The side walls slant in at about 4.5' up the wall and slants towards the ceiling. I want to install a 5.1 surround sound system and am looking at probably getting some monoprice in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. But I am having some trouble placing the pre-wire mounts. Should I place the speakers on the slanted wall or should I place them along the bottom vertical walls? The problem placing them below the slanted walls would be my center-front speaker would be covered by where I want to place the TV. If I install them on the slanted walls then I have to think about height placement and the angle they are going to be facing with respect to where I plan to be sitting. I am putting a couch along the 18' side wall with the slants opposite the TV. Any suggestions on what placement works best? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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I'm having a hard time picturing this. So... both the TV and couch are on slanted walls?

I would probably put the L and R on the flat wall just below the slant. I think that would be pretty close to ear level. Then put the center on the slant. Put a camp chair where the couch will be, then put the center high enough so it points at you while sitting in the chair. For the surrounds, it sounds like you have a window on one side and stairs on the other. I'd probably go with in ceiling for those. Of course this is all based on how I'm imagining the room.

Any chance you could post up some pictures or sketches of the room?
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Yeah sorry for the late response, So this is a pic of the far wall with the window, directly behind me is the stairs. The dimensions are 11.5' wide by 18' deep, 8' ceilings. On the upper left you can see where I have my front right speaker prewire, right now I have my center and front left same height/angle. I tried placing where I thought it would point to where I would be sitting against the slant wall on the right side without placing the speaker too close to the ceiling. It would be nice to place the 2 rears below the slant but unfortunately there are vents in both spots. If I was making this a dedicated home theater I would definitely put the tv/projection screen against the window, but I do plan on utilizing this room as a spare bedroom/lounge area too so I want the natural light from the window as well. So I am trying to work with this set up as best as possible. But I hope this helps with visualizing the room, and thanks again for the help!
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Are you planning on 5.1 or 7.1? The reason I ask is, if you are putting the rears on the slant, they may actualy end up in front of you instead of behind. What about putting the surrounds on the side walls just above ear level? I would think it would sound better to have your mains at ear level on the front wall with the center above. Any chance you could trmporarily throw some speakers in there at different heights and see what sounds better?
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I am getting 5.1, and the problem I have with putting the rears below the slant at ear level is there are two vents along that wall right in the spots I would put them... I can't put them further in because then they would only be like 4.5 ft apart, and that sounds too close right? Right now I am just doing prewire's and probably wont buy speakers till about a month after I move in. But I can test them out in different spots when I get them and see what works best though. I will just have to tear into the drywall to change their location if need be.
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I'm still leaning towards putting the surrounds on the sides above ear level near the back wall.
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