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Charter HD DVR question

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Wondering if anyone else has Charter Cable that might be able to help me out. I thought I might check with others to see if this is a universal problem or just my new setup.

I just moved to a new house and I had to switch from Time Warner Cable with the silver Motorola HD DVR box over to Charter Cable with the Black Cisco HD DVR box.

On this new Cisco box with Charter for some reason when I hit the guide button on the remote the guide will always pull up in 4:3 format no matter what channel I'm on. This causes the guide to be small and show the black bars on both sides. Not too big of a deal on my 61" TV but on my 32" it can make it a little hard to read the channel lineup. What I find strange is that on my old Time Warner Motorola silver cable box the guide would fill the whole screen no matter what channel I was on.

Anyone else have Charter that can either confirm this problem or give me a heads up on what to do? I would appreciate any help. I've attached a screen capture of my TV. It's on an HD channel and as you can see the guide is not filling the screen, it's in the box 4:3 format.

TV.jpeg 480k .jpeg file
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The guide will as of today is 4:3 as described. I'm guessing your32" is 16:9 format. The good news is there is a new guide coming hopefully 4th qtr of this year that will solve a lot of issues that the antiquated passport guide has.
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Are your non HD stations also in the 4:3 format or stretched out into the 16:9 format?
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Thanks for the replies. Good to know there is a new guide coming out. This guide on the Cisco cable box (the passport) guide compared to the guide on my Time Warner Motorola box is horrible. I usually only watch HD channels and the Time Warner guide would allow me to select an HD option which would only pull the guide up for HD channels. From what I can tell this Cisco box does not have a straight forward option like that.

Anyway, to answer RCbridge's question, yes the Non HD channels are in 4:3 format. I don't like changing the aspect ratio on the TV to Full or Stretched because then it messes up the aspect ratio for the HD channels.
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There is a command on the STB not the TV to change the ratio of the 4:3 content only I would research it for your particular STB I would try it if you don't like the results you can set it back.
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Max the # button will change the aspect from your cable box.
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Thanks for the reply RCbridge and RollTide. I spoke with Charter and they walked me through changing the aspect ratio on the STB but that had nothing to do with the actual guide ratio. It stretches out the screen but the guide stays the same 4:3. Similar to pushing the # button on the remote. Those functions will change the screen ratio from Normal, Zoom, and Stretch which changes the screen but not the guide.

I don't think Charter understood what I was trying to say when I asked them about the silver Motorola box and how the guide filled the screen compared to this Cisco box. They kept telling me to turn the TV to channel 834 (which on my guide is TCMHD) because that was supposed to be a special channel that would display a guide in HD format. Well that is not the case on my box and I said to the lady, ok so you want me to change the channel from what I'm watching to another channel with an "HD guide" just so it fills the screen and she said yes. I said that sounds rather complicated just for the guide and that it doesn't make sense to me to have to do that. She was no help after that and wanted to send someone out.

I feel like this new Cisco HD DVR is not as intuitive or user friendly as the Motorola silver HD DVR box. At least it's guide was in HD and it's options were easier to use. About the only thing this Cisco box has going for it right now is it's faster speed when scrolling through the guide and rewind/fast forwarding through shows.

Maybe any other thoughts? Hopefully they change the guide soon like you said RollTide.
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Yes the guide is going to stay in 4:3, I was just referring on how to change aspect without changing the settings in your tv. As for the new guide beta testing starts in a few weeks with launch expected 4th qtr of this year. See Link for more info.

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The charter DVR situation is a mess. They have this 7 yr old Passport based software that feels more like it was written 17 yrs ago. It is an embarrassment to them. They keep hinting that something new might come out eventually, including cloud-based DVR solutions. But this keeps getting pushed back and they recently asked the FCC for a 2yr extension on some exemption regarding upgrading their service. So who knows. They had a deal going with TIVO which has a real nice interface, but they terminated that agreement for some unknown reason,.a year or so ago. If you have any choice, I don't recommend Charter at all, not at least until they provide a modern level of service.

And on top of all that, they have a pretty lousy HD channel offering, at least compared to DirecTV, Dish, FIOS etc. Yeah, they have the basic channels in HD, but many of they secondary ones are not provided in HD.
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