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Originally Posted by keenan View Post

I think that's a bit of an understatement. I just finished the BD set last night and without question this second series was even better than the first. The connection to the title of the show was a bit tenuous but you can't have a bisected body on the border to start every series. For me, "The Bridge" in the title was much more about the expanding and developing of the individual psyches of the main characters and the interactions between the two. It was also about "bridges" between many of the other characters in the story as well.

The scene where, Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Saga says people don't seem to think she can be hurt by what they say was some very powerful stuff and the way she emoted the lines was just spectacular, her facial expressions, wow!

At 10 episodes the show is just about right, but when you finish that last episode you will definitely be craving for more. This second series of Bron/Broen has certainly set the bar even higher for the US and UK remakes.

For me The Bridge in the title is pretty dominant because it is the main physical link between Denmark and Sweden. It may not be a major plot point - but it is what allows the police in the two countries to work so closely together. I loved both series and agree that the quality definitely didn't drop for the second series, though I think you need to have seen the first to properly appreciate the Saga/Martin relationship.

Sofia Helin's acting as Saga is amazing. Because the show is so popular in the UK now, Sofia (and Kim) was featured on the UK "Breakfast" show (equivalent of GMA or Today) She's totally different to Saga in real life (unsurprisingly) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKkXLB09h3w As you can see - Breakfast doesn't quite have a studio on the same scale as GMA or Today (though it is very popular in the UK!)

As for audio. It's annoying that the UK releases only have stereo. SVT (who co-produce The Bridge with DR) have a strong history in 5.1 production (much stronger than UK broadcasters for instance), as they introduced 5.1 as part of the Swedish first-generation SD OTA digital TV standard, and have been producing lots of of content in the format for a good number of years. It isn't surprising to find 5.1 drama in Sweden (The TV4 Wallander DVDs had excellent DTS 5.1 tracks ISTR - and the Blu-ray re-releases are DTS HD MA 5.1) DR also now broadcast in 5.1 (NRK have yet to switch from stereo)

Series 1 of The Bridge was broadcast on BBC HD (before it was replaced by BBC Two HD) and had 5.1 sound. Series 2 launched before BBC Four HD launched so we got the second series in SD for most of the run, with BBC Four HD launching towards the end. However the BBC are having issues with 5.1 on their new HD channels so temporarily switched to 2.0 only...

Can't see any reason why the UK BD (or DVD for that matter) releases aren't 5.1...

Annoyingly, the popularity of Danish and Swedish productions in the UK has meant that the Scandinavian releases now routinely DON'T come with English subtitles (it used to be widespread - the Swedish or Danish releases of Borgen S1, The Bridge S1, Wallander S1 and first few eps of S2 all came with English subs. But then the ability to guarantee English subtitle rights to a UK distributor presumably meant they removed them from Borgen S2, The Bridge S2 and the later Wallander S2 and Wallander S3 DVD and BD releases in Scandinavia? Annoying because the AV quality of the Scandinavian releases (and the menus and additional features) are usually better... (The same is true of a series called Irene Huss, which has not been shown on UK TV. The more recent releases don't have English subs on the main feature, though bizarrely they DO have them for some of the extras...)

I now routinely buy the Scandinavian releases of almost all TV series rather than the UK releases (even though I live in the UK). I watch all my media from a server (I rip my Blu-rays and DVDs), so remastering a Blu-ray or DVD to add English subtitles is not too tricky. For series that I will watch on my own, rather than with other family members, I'm lucky enough to be able to watch Swedish stuff without English subtitles (though sometimes Swedish subtitles help). I enjoyed the original series of Wallander so much I went on holiday to the country, fell in love with it, and decided to learn the language. (I visit about 4 times a year minimum)
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Originally Posted by keenan View Post

If you have not seen Series 1 and both series can be had for a little over $50 USD then I would go for it. I paid a total of $37.12 at a Jan 31st exchange rate. That included shipping of $5.15 and it took only about 4 days to reach me here on the west coast.

Value-wise I would have liked to have seen some extra features, interviews, behind the scenes and the like but it's just the 10 episodes on two 50GB discs. Content-wise it was well worth the purchase price, as I noted above, I think this second series was better than the first.

On the technical side the audio is 2 channel DTS-MA HD although the DTS algorithm fills out the rest of the channels very nicely. The video is very clean although the colors are muted, that being a production choice to a certain degree I'm sure, nearly everything I've seen from these northern European countries is the same way.

I think you'll be happy with the purchase. smile.gif

RE: muted colours. It's very definitely a production decision. The show is (in)famous amongst a number of my friends who work in the Scandinavian TV industry for the "Alexa look" it has.
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