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When I had my house built a year ago, I wired my kitchen ceiling with four sets of
speaker wires.  I'm looking for an amplifier with these characteristics:
-optical input (from an toslink optical output on my tv)
-either automatically shuts off when it doesn't detect signal or draws very little power when there's no signal to amplify
-allows me to hook four speakers up to stereo input (the Left signal drives two speakers, the Right signal drives two speakers)
-uses IR receiver for on/off and volume (want to program a Harmony remote to control it)
-fairly small and not too flashy (I don't want to use a full bore a/v receiver!)
-plugs into 110V wall outlet
-hopefully $150 or less
Would be nice to have:
-minijack analog input (from an ipod/ipad headphone jack)
Does anyone know of a product that will accomplish what I’m looking for?  Thanks!  AL