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Argosy, , , , , again

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No replies elsewhere, hence, reposting here:

I dont know where to post this link, "its not all that intuitive, after all" but;

There has to be more than just me who has an Argosy media player out there.
Anybody who has any Argosy products please post your likes & dislikes about 'em.
I happen to really like them, latest is a HV 359(x).
Lets hear from you 'owners' out there, , , , -corne-
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Not lettin' it die.

The first player I got was a Lasonic 670 dvd/hdd player. Actually, it worked pretty good.
Strictly a player tho. Has an 'Inoi' hdd drive you pop out & con as usb to computer for ripping.
It is limited to 300 gig & the player only reads 'dvd folder' files, mpg, mp3, & jpg files. Also, no hdmi or dvi connections. I dont use it anymore.
Its remote works with all Argosy players (push the 'hdd' button!) & you can still buy them at the "lasonic store" dot com

next time hv-358t

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After the lasonic I bought an Argosy hv 358 player, Which was/is limited to dvd files (not .iso).
Upscale to hdmi + a cart plug. Main dislike (besides non-support of iso's), is, 'gutterboxed' movies are always stretched to screen width when connected hdmi. Have to disconnect hdmi connect component connections, go into setup & set media = 4/3, then zoom tv (olevia zoom 2). Does not matter what input is selected with tv, if hdmi was connected thats what I got.
It uses a 1/8th " stereo style plug for component & composite (w/ rca's on tv end), and the component (female on player) outlet was screwed up, giving me fits.
Has an internal fan & always ran nice & cool. I now use it as a usb hdd case with a 1 t-byte drive inside.
I liked that movie info cycled through ->movie elapsed -> remaining -> chapter elapsed -> remaining -> off again
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Not going away

I next got an HV372 unit, basically the same as the 358, upright, but no internal fan but plays .iso image files. With no fan, this sucker gets hot! and then gets squirrely. like disconnecting power to reset.

I have it setup as a dedicated mp3 player. ( they all have photo & music slideshows- if music & photos are in same folder, and you have music ss turned on, it automatically plays the music when you open jpg's) I took a 3" 12 v comp fan & wall wart power sup. blowing on the side of player, that solved heat problems. I send stereo out to an old Kenwood stereo rec. & (wellow) vid to a 7" Haier portable 12v tv for music selection, & then turn off tv. IMPORTANT!! never buy Haier products!! I only have it 'cause they wouldnt take it back.
the 372 also has a usb port on front for hdd/pendrv input
Argosy has/had a HV676 player which is basically the 372 without a hdd. It runs off 5 v power supply. works in vehicles nicely using pen drives (no hdd shaking)
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