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Alternative to Klipsch Reference Series?

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I just got 5 Klipsch Reference II speakers for my home theater/main area. I listen to music 75% of the time, and while I really like the very detailed sound I am getting from these, they are a bit harsh. Is there another brand/line that has comparable quality and price (~$1600 for the five, although I could conceivably go higher), but are better for listening to music for extended periods?

I am using a Denon 1613 receiver and a HSU VTF2 MK4 sub, if that matters.
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How big is your room, and how far away are you sitting? How are the speakers positioned (on/near walls, out in room, etc)? Which exact Klipsch models do you have?
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Ceiling is 10' high, room is 16' wide, 13' from from to back, and I sit 9' back. The speakers are positioned on speaker stands against the walls using the THX specification for height. I have 4 RB-61 Bookshelf Speakers and 1 RC-62 Center Speaker
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There are a ton of speakers that can work for you, your room is fairly small. I'll throw out a few options. The HSU speakers are pretty nice, and have the opposite sound characteristics of the Klipsch (mellow). Arx are also reportedly on the more laid back side of things, another brand to look into. The Ascend 340's are another very good option, and fall into the neutral category.



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