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Help with DirecTV at my vacation home  

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I have a vacation home where I want to bring back and forth my HR24 receiver. I think the extra dish I have is a SWM with the 3 style LNB? See pictures below.

Do I need to buy a single LNB now that I only need one cable in or can I use the existing dish as is? The installer at my primary home said I could use the existing dish but just one cable. If that's the case which do I choose? Or, do I need to buy:
DIRECTV SL3-SWM SlimLine Single Wire Ka/Ku Triple LNB With Built-In Multiswitch

I am also wondering which power inserter I need and if this dish will even work. I need a run in excess of 100 feet so do I need the unit with 29 volts vs. 21?


Thank you from a newbie!!

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1) What you're asking is against your TOS with DirecTV. Your receivers are for use only at the address associated with your account.

2) That said, there's a whole massive DirecTV catch-all thread in the HDTV Programming section where you're more likely to get a fast answer.

With the 5 LNB dish in the photo, you'll need two cables for dual tuner functionality IIRC. With the SWM dish, you'll only need one cable, but if you're a fan of any of the music channels carried on the 119 bird, or any of the ethnic channels you'll lose those (lesson I learned the hard way).

Again, those guys in the DirecTV thread are savants at this sort of thing. Post there.
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