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Dualband IR vs. "Singleband"?

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I'm a little confused here, but maybe I shouldn't be. How can you distinctly differentiate, or tell, whether an IR emitter or receiver is dualband or not? I feel embarrassed to ask the question, but I am asking anyways.
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Hmm, nobody knows? confused.gif
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I'm not sure there is a way to tell other than by referring to the manufacturer's documentation. If you post the device in question maybe someone who owns it or is familiar with it will be able to help you out.
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Hmm, it seems the only possible solution without using the documentation is to see if the IR receives certain frequencies using some kind of IR tester, as that's the difference between dualband and singleband. Don't have it though (no documentation currently)... I do have some IR emitters and receivers that I believe are both dualband here at my house, but there's also no way to tell as I don't have any documentation for these either. All I know is that they work with controlling all the modern devices I have tested them on, so I'm most certain that these are dualband.

Thanks for the post regardless though. At least I know people aren't just ignoring my thread. cool.gif
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'dual band' usually pertains to IR sensors / demodulators. Many IR protocols use a carrier frequency somewhere in the 34KHz to 36KHz range, but then there is a leap to 56KHz. The IR receivers usually have a sharp notch filter around their centre frequency, and are carrier frequency specific. However, the notch isn't so sharp that adjacent carrier frequencies ( such as 34KHz vs 36KHz are drastically affected. 'Dual Band' in a repeater usually means there are 2 discrete receivers, One for the 3xKHz range, and the other for the 56KHz range.

Different IR protocols use different carrier frequencies. The JP1 folks have a great deal of accumulated knowledge / data, I suggest you visit their site / forums to dig deeper. http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/
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Okay, but most of what you just mentioned I already knew (I didn't just post this thread without doing any research on my own). What I really wanted to know is if there was a simplistic way to test and see if an IR emitter for instance is dualband or not. Thanks for trying anyways. smile.gif

And thanks for that forum reference, I may take a look around.
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