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No video output from Denon AVR-1911

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I returned from a short vacation to find that my Denon AVR-1911 no longer has video output. All HDMI cables are connected properly, and the TV input mode is properly set. Previously this system has worked properly for about 3 years. When I unplug the video HDMI cable from either the TV or receiver, the audio is present. However, when this cable is connected, the audio is inconsistent.

After looking at the owner's manual, I was considering resetting the microprocessor, but I don't want to disturb any settings created by the install company.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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Was the 1911 in Standby or OFF (power cable unplugged) and if unplugged, how long was the vacation? Try doing the HDMI reset procedure listed in the link below ....


If still no joy, and the AVR was left in Standby, try unplugging it for 10 minutes, If yet still no joy, then resetting the microprocessor is your next step, noting that you should be able to do the Audyssey setup as listed in your Owner's manual without too much trouble.
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Tried HDMI reset...no luck.

AVR was left in standby (I guess) because it was turned off but still plugged in. I also tried to unplug this, wait, re-plug with no luck.

Interestingly, I tried to run an HDMI cable straight from cable box to TV, and still get "no signal." Not even audio this time.

We were gone for 4 days. I head there was some bad lightning while we were gone, but everything else seems to be fine.
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You need to get the devices working when connected directly to the TV.
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Sorry, I know I'm sounding a little stupid by this point, but still puzzled by something.

When I plug BD directly into TV, it works of course.

When I plug cable box directly into TV, it doesn't work. This would seem to implicate the cable box.

However, when everything is running through the 1911, why can't I get video output from the BD player? This would seem to have nothing to do with the cable box?
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Lightning and voltage surges can do weird things sometime. Get you cable box replaced first then try moving HDMI cables around. It's sounds like you are going to have a damaged reciever from a surge coming from the cable box into your reciever. Check the cable company's bond to the electrical service ground if it isn't crafted properly you may have a claim for damages. Take pictures before cable tech arrives/ scheduled.
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Thanks. Is the cable bond to ground typically at the outdoor box? Is there an easy way to tell if its correct?
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Yes it should be outside at the house box. It should be a #12 AWG copper wire that is bonded to the electrical service ground and shorter than the shortest outlet. Generally this would be accomplished by one of these 3 methods 1. Bonded to the solid ground wire running from power meter to the ground rod that was driven by the electric service provider using a split bolt. 2. Bonded to metallic conduit that is connected to electrical meter service box using a grounding strap. 3. Bonded to electrical service meter box using an approved attachment device.

Bonding to cold water is no longer an approved method for establishing a proper bond.
It you have any question post a pic and I'll give you my opinion.
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So, it turns out that the HDMI imput #1 on my LG TV is not working, whereas the other imputs are working. And the cable box IS working. So I kept everything like it was before, only I ran the HDMI cable from the AVR into imput #2, and still no video signal. So I performed the HDMI reset you suggested again, and it still does not work.

I'm at a loss here because I would like to avoid resetting the microprocessor if possible.

Another odd thing is now when I use my LG tv remote to power off the TV, it also turns off the AVR, which did not happen before. I have read about the "HDMI control" function in the owner's manual. Could that be the issue? The manual does not state how to turn this feature on and off.

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We just got a case similar to your. The customer use AVR-X3000 with DirecTV box and Pioneer 50-in plasma TV.
Can not get video from the Denon to show on the Pioneer. He also connect DVD player and Xbox console to the Denon with same no-video result.

So, we suggest to put a HDMI EDID emulator between Denon and Pioneer. The no video issue is gone now.
We just got the feed back from customer today.
So, we can confirm that it is HDCP communication issue between devices.
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After getting my AVR back from Denon, I re-ran the Audyssey set up. After doing so, my universal remote no longer controls the master volume, although the remote still has all other functionality. At the end of the setup, I did turn "on" Dynamic Volume, does this have anything to do with it?

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Scratch the question about the dynamic volume. I turned it off and still no volume control.
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Actually, the remote no longer has any control over the AVR. Any reason setting up Audyssey would do this?
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