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Flexible speaker pole mounts

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I've been looking for these ever since i saw the bose display at best buy. They had the surround speakers on poles (think fishing rod) that were flexible and hung the rear speaks just behind your head. I have a particular need of something like this. I need to hang my surround speakers without floor stands or wall mounts.

hoping to pick some brains, perhaps someone else knows what these would be called, where to find them, or perhaps you've made them.

I'm starting to think i need to buy a couple cheap fishing rods and modify them to work.

input? ideas? thanks
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Haven't seen those but this poster uses a plant hanger http://www.avsforum.com/t/1278774/pioneers-speaker-genius-hits-low-price-point/3330#post_22556569
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that would work, and i've considered hooks in the ceiling, i would much prefer not to as the ceiling is vaulted

thanks for that though, it's a good idea
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