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Corner shelves for components

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Trying finish up our basement and pulled all the cable/wires into a corner in hopes of finding a nice corner stand that would be both functional and decorative to the wife.

I've drawn a blank on decent component stands as I need to put only the following in the corner:

AV receiver

The PC is the most difficult piece as it's a mid tower and quite deep. I envisioned putting this on the bottom shelf that would be just above the baseboard thus allowing me to hide excess wire underneath.

Any thoughts on building these? I can imaging it's that hard and was think to running a 1x2 or 2x2 horizontally on each wall and then placing the shelves on top of that support. I have some excess cherry and mahogany that can be planed down to use or can just grab 3/4 plywood. I'm afraid the plywood will sag since shelf has to be large enough to hold Yamaha RX-V673.

With shelf size this large, I would plan on hitting two studs on each wall.

Any thoughts? Anyone done something similar?


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I think it'd be easier to build a corner cabinet out of plywood and then place it in the room. Attaching wood cleats to the wall is a bit of a pain - hard to get everything aligned and level. Plywood should be plenty strong if you support it on all sides. Use a piece of hardwood for the front edge that's about 3/4" x 2".

Can you post a sketch?

I'd make the bottom 18" or so like a storage cubby hole, with a door on it. It's a good place to put your power strip and all the excess power cables, wall warts, network switch, etc. (AKA Snake Ball).
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