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HTPC general setup

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Haven't posted in a while...

When I had an injury, to make things more comfortable I got a good Lazyboy recliner and made a simple lap tray (just a veneered board) to hold mouse, keyboard and remotes. Has worked out great! Recliner arm/lap board just needs additional 1" high or so leveling up front so mouse doesn't slide around or off (I just use folded cotton material for now).

Have Klipsch RF-7 towers, custom 15" Tempest subwoofer and Odyssey Audio 150 wpc amp & preamp along with additional Oppo BluRay/high-end audio player. My PC is behind the 42" HDTV.
I got a HP Pavilion Elite top-of-line a few years back with 9 gigs RAM, GTX 260 decent video card that has held up well after a ton of use. Wireless keyboard & mouse are Logitech MK700/710 & M705.

PC setup 12-2012.JPG

Anyone else here have similar or ergonomic setups?
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To be honest I used to have a very similar setup to you in the beginning of my HTPC use. There is nothing wrong with it but in my experience there are much more comfortable and better options. I had a similar setup and then upgraded to a lenovo remote:


It worked ok but I was not loving it, the keys were harder to type than a standard keyboard. I saw a logitech k400 keyboard/mouse on sale for $5 so I jumped on it just because it was $5 not expecting much. This keyboard has been perfect for me, its relatively small but not as small as the lenovo (a good thing).


The k400 comfortably rests on your legs as its used but isnt too big either. I find the touchpad is awesome.
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I use one remote and occasionally use a wireless mini keyboard but hardly ever as mine is basically remote controlled.
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