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Remotes for XBMC/Ubuntu - what are you using?

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Hi all,

I've spent most of the morning trying to set up an SMK-LINK Bluetooth/IR universal remote to work with XBMC. I tried to set it up within Ubuntu 13.04.

It's a nice day, so I think I'm probably not going to waste much more time on this. I posted over at the XBMC forum (see here if you're interested); we'll see if anyone responds.

In the likely event that I can't get this working... what is everyone else for XBMC (or remote-controlling Ubuntu) using in terms of remotes? I want to use a remote or a keyboard, not a tablet or a phone that I have to power up.

I've had good luck with androidvnc just within Unity, but again, that's using a tablet.

I have a 5-year-old Acer Veriton that probably does not have an IR receiver, and it's not in the line of sight of where I'd be pointing the remote so IR wouldn't be the best option anyway. I have WiFi through the router.

Sigh...maybe I should just get myself a $90 Android TV stick after all. Some of those come with remotes.

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If you are trying to use LIRC, then you may be having problems with the in-kernel driver conflicting with LIRC. Read through this thread HERE, but do so quickly before the OP deletes his posts. That will most likely create more questions than it solves, so we will see if we can work them out.

You paid way too much for that remote. One like this works just as well:
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Thanks waterhead - just saved the thread for posterity.

SHOULD I be using LIRC? I see mentions of it some places and not others.

Another funny/sad thing - my printer stays connected via Bluetooth, no problem. It's not an input device so that's probably why.
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I guess I misunderstood. I thought it was a IR device, but now I see you are trying to use the Bluetooth aspects of it.

My guess is that it would work as any Bluetooth keyboard would work. In that case, you would not want to use LIRC, and since it is not installed by default, no problem. The in-kernel drivers treat the IR remotes like keyboard inputs, so then this may be possible to do. Keyboards and mice are registered as devices under the /dev/input section on Linux. If the bluetooth device is also registered there, then it should be easier.

I set up my IR remote a while ago, and I don't really recall all of the steps. I did have to create my own keymap file for MythTV to work.
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I'm using Harmony 650 (IR), with external IR receiver plugged to HTPC's usb port. I chose harmony to have one remote for everything - HTPC + TV + receiver.
Some XBMC-specific operations, like using scrapers, I can't do via remote (not saying it is impossible), so I just plug a mouse for this.
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I'm using the Lenovo N5902 mini-keyboard with Ubunu/Mythtv. No setup problems and it just works.
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See my HTPC Hardware link. Mainly harmony remotes emulating MCE/Firefly remote keypresses with various versions of MCEUSB IR receivers.
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I used to control my XBMC setup with a wireless keyboard/mouse combo (Wireless Touch Keyboard k400). Not the most practical setup I admit (small keys and a few awkward layout choices) but it works well. I just ordered a Pulse-Eight HDMI CEC-USB adapter and am looking forward to controling the whole setup with my TV's remote only.
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