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Vudu HDX let me down. Is Roku3 the answer?

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After sheer aggravation attempting to allow my 18 month old to watch a Blu-Ray after 3 minutes of warnings, waitings and previews I hoped to move to streaming.

So I embraced Vudu HDX and converted some stuff with disc to digital and played back using either my PS3 or Xb360.

And here are the shots

PS3 Vudu HDX

Xb360 Vudu HDX

Dark Macroblocked Banding throughout The Dark Knight Rises

I moved to the Apple TV3 and:

Much improved. Exclude to red area as my camera I think boosted ISO and added some noise

So I grabbed my Blu-Ray of TKR and played on my PS3 for comparison

I see they are upside down, I will flip them shortly,

With the exception of digital camera and compression of the pic during the day with variable light from the sun the ATV3 seems to give the best visual quality of the streamers albeit not near Blu-ray. The Xb360 Vudu overall quality was just horrible. Video and audio frequently got out of sync, dropped video frames, and an overall softness to the picture and substandard audio quality pushing out Dolby Digital 5.1 via HDMI.

The PS3 Vudu showed a sharper image the the 360 and what I perceive to be a higher audio fidelity, it sounded much less narrow and upper end sounds had a bit more treble. The Vudu Audio on the PS3 was about 16-18db lower in volume, but once cranked up it was similar to the Blu-ray when it came to sound effect volume, but obviously lacked DTS-HD MA wide amazing sound that wrapped around me.

The Apple TV3 audio though, it was definitely more narrow and seemed to have a frequency ceiling compared to Vudu HDX, but the effects and voices were turbo boosted. The Apple Dolby Digital 5.1 stream was loud. Sound effects and voices were unnaturally louder than the Blu-ray track. I assume Apple is attempting to confused their viewers with a louder overall track to give the illusion of improved audio fidelity . All the effects and voices were significantly louder than I feel they should have been. The Vudu HDX (once boosted 18db) and DTS-HDMA BD track were similar in that respect as I couldn't easily close my eyes and listen for the speaker playing an effect, where as on the Apple it was clear.

To add to the confusion, the Apple stream appeared sharpest of the streams, but the Vudu HDX on the PS3 had better color to. The TV and inputs were calibrated with my eyes using the usual blu-ray calibrations discs.

So is the Roku3 the best way to view Vudu HDX? I really like my PS3 for Blu-ray, but want the sharpness of the AppleTV when watching a stream....as well as the ease of use. Wife loves AppleTV for ease of use. Is the Vudu imagine I perceive as not as sharp from Vudu's encode and nothing can be done (remember the 360's is horrid)

Just looking for advice on whether I should try a Roku3 or if the quality is the same as the PS3's or worse the 360s.

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What are you watching this on?
Is the signal connected to an AVR?
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On a 2007 series DLP being passed through a Panasonic SA-XR700 receiver. All connections are HDMI 1.2. So the Xb360 is passing Dolby Digital 5.1 like the ATV and the PS3 is passing LPCM. The Panny is passing through video to the TV.
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Have you tried connecting your devices to the tv directly - bypassing the receiver?
Is this on a wired or wireless connection? Can you try it on a friend's TV? Is your DLP a 720p or 1080p Samsung or Mitsubishi?
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Wired connections. 1080p wobulated DLP from Toshiba model 65-HM167.

I didn't do anything direct because the PS3 Blu-ray is spot on but Vudu on the PS3 isn't so i couldn't see how the AVR influenced it. the 360 being bad compared to the PS3 I just figured was Microsoft programming or choices.
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