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Can a Harmony remote do everything an OEM remote would?

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Hi all,

I got a great deal on a VSX 60 the other day... $200 with factory warranty from best buy. It was a floor model, so no remote.

I've asked Pioneer to send me one since I can't use it without one, and I'm hoping they'll be nice and send one to me. However, I'm also not holding my breath. smile.gif

The OEM remote is expensive. $50. I'd rather invest that money into a Harmony if it will do everything I need it to. Does anyone know if the Harmony One, Touch or any other models can do what the OEM remote can?


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you know there is mobile app that allows you to control everything on VSX 60 from iphone/ipdat/android.
Communicating with the VSX-60 wirelessly through your home network, Pioneer's free iControlAV2012 app turns your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device or select Androidâ„¢ devices into a powerful remote control for your receiver. The all new iControlAV2012 is fully redesigned, incorporating everything from basic volume and input selection to advanced features like EQ adjustments and Internet Radio control. iControlAV2012 for iPad includes enhanced features like vertical and horizontal orientation, intuitive control of music from networked PCs as well as Internet radio control, and a super- cool finger EQ adjust screen; simply draw the EQ curve to your desired sound preference. New Sound Explorer gives you easy access to experiment with the many powerful sound enhancements the VSX-60 offers, like Hi-Bit 24, Auto Phase Control Plus, and Virtual Speaker modes.

Harmony can be programmed to do same, but UI will not be as friendly.
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In case you don't have or don't want to use a smart phone, a $3 JP1 remote can also do everything the OEM remote can and much more, all 300 or so (I assume) discrete commands for all zones.

Since all harmony's share the same database, even a $20 harmony 200 can do everything the OEM remote can.
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Depends on the model. I went from the basic Harmony 300 series to a Harmony 650, which can do everything my old remotes could.
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300 can do everything too, just not all at once like a harmony with an LCD can. If that's the requirement, that will cost more than the OEM remote.
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Thanks for the replies, everyone.

I have the app, but I'm not a fan. It seems fairly limited in what it can do, actually. Maybe I've just not found them in the app yet, but I don't think it does everything the remote does.

I've actually also considered getting the Harmony Smart Control. For the price, it seems quite awesome. I'll do some more digging, though.

I'll have to check out the JP1, too.

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The smart control remote itself is going to work pretty much like the model 300 in terms of the number of possible commands because it has no LCD for additional commands. So that technically won't give you every possible command like you want, unless you resort to the smart phone app, which is going to be similar to the Pio app you don't like. If you're going for an expensive remote, you may as well at least get one with a screen.
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Makes sense.

I guess to me, the OEM remote makes things easier, if nothing else, because the functions are screen printed right on the remote and are generally together in similar functionality. I'm still trying to get through to Pioneer... maybe I'll be able to get someone who will be nice and send me a remote. I'm not expecting it, but I'm hopeful. smile.gif

Having said that, how often am I really going to need it? May just play around some more with their app and figure it out from there.

Thanks for the replies!

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