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aghhh which projector to choose.

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I originally was dead set on getting the epson 710hd then I switched up and had my mind set on the optoma gt750, now I'm think i may as well move up to the next tier if you will and I cant decide between the epson 3020, benq 1080,1070, I've also considered the view sonic pro 8200 and others

heres what i'm looking for in my projector,
1.best picture for the best possible price(i know its hard to say which has best picture as everyone views everything differently).
2. Decent to Great/Good picture during day time viewing.************************************************
3. Ability to play fps games online and not want to rip my hair out because of lag
4. 3d capability( this could go in place of 3)

******** the room it is going in is our living room but it stays relatively dark during the day so its not a really bright room

heres some dimensions or figures if you will. these are rough except for screen size as it is my house i'm leasing while at school and i'm currently not up there.
1. celling hight is roughly 8ft
2. room dimensions 12x24(rough really rough)
3. screen size will be approx. 110"-130"

now this isn't going to be a dedicated home theatre set up but I want to have the best picture possible for watching movies on it.

heres my prices as I will be getting through a best buy employee i know with discounts

epson 3020.............1186
benq 1080...............996
benq 1070...............905
optoma 750.............651
optoma hd25..........1186

my last question is would it be worth it to get the geek squad warranty or should I just save my money and buy a bulb, also, do the manufactures have a good/decent warranty with their projectors. a 5 year warranty with discount is much more than it would cost to just buy the bulb separately.

I think im leaning towards the epson 3020 I'm just not sure about the lag(ive heard about 50mill/sec).

thanks for all the help and opinons,
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As a former 3010 owner (3020 is same plus wireless hdmi), the lag is quite noticeable in any twitch games. I didn't play a lot of that style so it didn't bug me much, but when I did try I found it miserable. 60ms was the minimum I was ever able to measure.

When I moved I made sure to get something much lower lag.

By comparison so far I'm extremely happy with my hd25-lv. I've been specifically trying to find instances where I could detect lag, and so far have not found any. Haven't measured it though.

The Benq 1070 was also on my preferred list, but I decided on the hd25 because the -lv version will combat our living room ambient light better. Only reason to prefer the 1080 (as far as I'm aware) is if you want the short through specifically.

750 is actually lower measured lag than even the hd25, and much lower price, but you give up 1080p.

The 8350 is pretty much zero lag, and moderate on the lumen scale, but I think of the options above it probably has the general best reputation for good 2d picture. No 3d at all though.

If you're talking about the newly released viewsonic 1080p 3d, that is a great-looking little projector - super-bright, 1080p, 3d, inexpensive, perfect package .... but the reviews haven't been overly impressed with picture quality so far. Seems like this might be the perfect gaming projector, but maybe not as great on movies.

On the warranty, I have no idea what the best buy warranty does for you. I will say this, though -- my experience with Optoma's warranty service has been very poor - nearly a month turnaround on a projector that was less than a month old when I sent it in, and they were pretty much completely unapologetic. They basically stated their process was consistent with industry standard though, and I've not dealt with any other company processes, so they may be completely honest there.
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seeing as the hd25 would be the same price that is something I would be interested it but I forgot to add that I have never been around dlp technology so i'm not sure if i susceptible to the rbw effect. Is the hd25 pretty difficult to notice rbw effect on? thanks again for your long post full of info that is what I was looking for and it certainly helps.

does the hd25 come with glasses?
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No glasses, but the sainsonic ranbow 144hz glasses I'm using are $20 on amazon.

I've used several DLP projectors and never seen rainbows, so I can't really answer that one unfortunately smile.gif
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did you have to have some sort of transmitter for those.

thanks again for all the help
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