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Help Needed Setting Up Harmony 1100

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I have owned the Harmony 1100 for over 4 years, and had a seamless setup the Harmony controlling all my devices and switching from activity to activity without any issues.

I recently added a new TV and BD player, now Im having all kinds of issues with the setup.

My setup:
Pioneer AV Receiver
LG LM6200 tv
Sony S790 BD player
Motorola Cable receiver

My receiver is not 3D cabable, so Im using the dual HDMI outs, to allow 3D viewing and get the HD audio,
I have HDMI 1 on the player run to the TV
and the HDMI 2 run to the pioneer rec.

My issue is as follows:

Now my problem.......

When I use the Harmony and chsoe activities the LG's INPUT LIST appears and the correct HDMI port is not always selected other times it is and most all the time the INPUT LIST screen stays on the screen for many seconds if not minutes.
There should be a seemless transition from one device to the next, however there is not.
Im very frustrated at this point I cant seem to get this figured out, what I think I know is that:
1-When in the Logitech Harmony "Device Setup" I dont know how to select the way this remote selects inputs,
it wants to know how the "original remote" selects inputs I dont have the original what I have for a remote is an LG universal AKB73615315 remote, on this remote I have a INPUT button on the top of the remote, one press brings up the INPUT LIST, from here I can either continue to press the INPUT button (which cycles through only the inputs I have in use, ie HDMI 1, HDMI 2 or I can press the direction arrow and this will cycle me through all the available INPUT possibilitys-which if I pressed the ok button would take me to that INPUT even though its not connected to any device just an empty output source, example TV or COMPONET) so Im not sure whats the correct choice when being asked how do you inputs with original remote.

Second this LG 55LM6200 has a feature called "simplink" which Im not sure what it does, what I think I know is that if I dont have HDMI 2 set to this simplink when I chose Bluray on my harmony as an activity, the TV will not select HDMI 2 as is programmed.
However if I leave the simplink on, when I try to leave the Bluray activity and go back to cable or game, the HDMI source stays on HDMI2!!!

I have no idea how to configure this or if there is some compatability issue here, no matter how I try to configure this I seem to always get the INPUT LIST when I select a different activity.

I know the harmony works fine, I know if I had this run from my receiver to the TV with just on HDMI from Pioneer to the LG I'd have no issue, however again with my needs (pioneer isnt 3D capable, I need to use this dual HDMI output from the BD player- here is my issue Im certain.
Is the issue how Im setting this up? or some thing else please help if you can

Im to the point where Im certain its something Im missing or not selecting correctly but Im at my wits end please help

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#1 Turn off Simplink. It is not input specific so once you turn it off, it's off.

#2 Check to see if the Harmony has discreet input buttons. On your remote navigate to "DEVICES" and choose TV. Go through the list of commands and see if there are input buttons "HDMI 1", HDMI 2", etc. If so then try each one and make sure they are correct (Logitech is notorious for labeling the inputs wrong). If that works then you can set up the device by telling the 1100 that you have discreet commands and make sure they are input correctly.
If the discreet commands do not work you will have to setup the device according to how the TV works, usually pressing an "INPUT NEXT" button, .or pressing "INPUT" then toggling down the list and pressing "OK".

#3 If the input graphic stays on the screen for "many seconds if not minutes" you can easily add a "TV EXIT" command to each activity in any convenient spot on the remote.
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Thanks for the help, I will try this tonight, Im curious is the fact that Im using the dual output BD player a factor in this mess?

I had to use the seperater feature on the Sony BD player because otherwise I wasnt getting the correct audio to my AV receiver.
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here is where I am and still need help my Harmony settings currently as far as LG tv inputs

I have method 4 checked and have the remote source input controls, input start-HDMI1, HDMI2, input finish
now what Im experiencing here is the transition from cable to ps3 is fine, transition from ps3 to cable fine now when I try to go into bluray activity I get a screen that apears reading "an external HDMI is conneted do you want allow this" something to that effect the screen flashes not even long enough for me to say yes or no
Once the bluray activity settles I get another screen that says "the AV seperation output is "ON" video signals are output via HDMI1"
remember my sony bd player is dual out putting HDMI so I can use 3D, this is notice is because the TV is not switching to HDMI2

What should I do Im am soooo lost
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still trying to get this figured out any one can help Id appreciate it
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