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Fi IB318 dimensions.....

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I cant seem to find the dimensions for the Fi driver. I'm designing some IB boxes and because all four drivers are inside the box I gotta make sure the magnets have enough room.

I could use just the magnet width, the depth is already a given dimension........ Thanx
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Sub OD: 18.500”
Cut ID: 16.750”
Mounting depth: 9.500”
Displacement: 0.22cuft

I always, as a rule, double check with a tape measure.
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I can measure when I get home tonight. But from memory, the widest part of the magnet is not the deepest part. It tapers. If you're really trying to squeeze them as tight as possible, you can take advantage of this.
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Thanx, its not a good detailed pic on the website, with dimensions... Thanx again
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(Dimensions in inches.)

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything more. Please be aware that taking these measurements with a tape measure is pretty tricky and imprecise, so don't treat these values as exact. They should be pretty close, but don't design your drivers to be line to line or anything. I also have no idea what the sample to sample variation might be like on these things.
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Wow, perfect. Yeah, i'll leave some room for error, the tapper on the back plate will make my design work just fine, thanx again

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Because I needed a small manifold size, I ended up putting two drivers facing in and two drivers facing out:

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