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Paradigm Ceiling SA-15R-30 woofer died

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Made some major HT changes and just discovered the woofer is dead on one of my ceilings. The SA-15R-30 is the one that fires on a 30 deg angle.

I don't know if it happened during my old setup or after setting up new.

Old setup was a pair of Legacy Focus SE mains, Paradigm C5 center, Pair of Paradigm SA-15R's for surrounds and these SA-15R-30's for rears.
AVR was Pioneer SC-05 driving all of the speakers except the mains which were driven by a Bryston 14bsst.
The Pioneer runs their MCCAC audio setup.

New setup...

Denon 4520ci

Mains: Seaton Cat12 self powered
Center: Seaton Cat8 self powered
Same Paradigm surrounds.

Now come to think of it, when I originally ran the Audyssey setup I do not recall the back speaker acting up.

Yesterday after doing some speaker placement tweeking, I ran Audyssey and discovered the one rear ceiling Paradigm only producing highs. The woofer is dead.

Looking into the Denon setup and looking at the specs for the SA-15R-30, the Paradigm Sigs have 4ohm rating but I had the AVR set to 8ohm. Could that have done the damage?
I went up into the attic and checked all connections... wiggled them. No sign of anything burnt out or loose.

Looks like I have to remove it and have a closer look. Unfortunately I purchased these brand new on ebay on 10-29-09 from a private individual so I don't believe warranty is an option.

Is there something on the crossover board I may have blown? Any tips on troubleshooting?

Otherwise I'll be buying a replacement unit.

Thanks all.

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Pull it out and put a continuity tester across the leads of the voice coil. If that is good then double check all of the wire connections. If those are good then you have a bad crossover. Then you have to isolate which component of the crossover is bad. Not hard to fix if you know which component is the culprit.
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I'm not an expert electronics guy.Am I checking continuity or resistance? It's 4ohm so I should get around 3 ohm reading for a good voice coil?
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Just check for continuity. The Impedance specs for the speaker is the dynamic impedance and not the nominal resistance.
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That was easy. No continuity. No sound either when I hook up a source directly to the woofer.

Voice coil is history.

Can I purchase just the driver?
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Just got off the phone with Paradigm.

I should have the new woofer in two days at $130 shipped.

I've been using these speakers for 2 or 3 years and I play hard sometimes. Not bad cost wise to repair.

On edit:

As to the cause, the tech said if there was no sign of heat... which there was not, overdriving was most likely not the cause. He said it was just a coil gone bad. Happens sometimes.
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Glad to hear you were able to pinpoint the problem and get it fixed.
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Thanks for your help!
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Got the new woofer in a few days. Paradigm customer service seems really good.
Replaced the bad one.

Looking at the bad one it looks like a manufacturer defect. The spider was not glued properly to the voice coil. It was crooked. When it moved it broke the coil wire. Had to tear it apart to see where the wire was broke.
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It's good that they back up their product. Happy that you were able to get it up and running.
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It wasn't covered under warranty since I did not purchase them from an authorized dealer. Cost me $140 which to me is reasonable.
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