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5.1 In Wall, In Ceiling Setup - which brand of speakers

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Hi all

I'm brand new to this forum and I got really high hopes for it. I think I got to the right place for decent help wink.gif

Since long I dream of setting up a real Home Theater of my own, like most of you I'm a movie fanatic, especially sci fi myself.

I've got a room I can totally dedicate to HT, but there is one compromise I got to take: the speakers really need to be in-wall and in-ceiling cause of space management and pointy little children fingers smile.gif

When the moment is there to finally start to build my HT, I hope money is no issue to buy myself the right speakers, so my question to you fellow audioholics is which brand of those type of speakers will be the best, especially for watchin movies. Listening to music will be done not so much.

I already thought of these brands and speakers. Which brand do you guys (and girls) think are the best? Please know I need front L/R, center and two ceilingspeakers.

Already many thanks for your advice!


Center Electra IW 1003 Be

L/R Electra IW 1002 Be

Ceiling Electra IC 1002


Center KL-6504-THX

L/R KL-7800-THX

Ceiling KL-7502-THX

Bowers & Wilkins

Center CWM 8.3

L/R CWM 8.5

Ceiling CCM 8.5
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Anyone any suggestions? :-)
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What kind of budget are you looking at?
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I would look at Triad. They make great speakers here in the US. They sell at many different price points and have different models depending on what you are looking for.

I recommend that you use in-wall for the LCR. In-ceiling, on-wall or in-wall for surround would work fine. I would not recommend in-ceiling for the LCR unless this is a last resort. The imaging into the room, particularly for music listening is less than optimal.

I am also a fan of B&W and am using the B&W CCM 818 in-ceiling speakers for a 5.1 system. They are fairly expensive at $800 per speaker, but very good. I have small children and my wife like the hidden look of in-ceiling. I regret not doing the LCR as in-wall. The B&W in-walls would be excellent, but you may not find your price point and Triad would likely be a better value purchase. Only problem with Triad is that they may be difficult to demo as they are sold through resellers and not big box stores like BB/Magnolia.
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@ Deeda: many thanks for your reply.

Indeed, I will build the LCR in-wall, not in ceiling. Those speakers really need to be 'in front' of you for best sound I guess biggrin.gif

I'm from Europe, Belgium, so I don't know if Triad will be available here. But nonetheless I will take a look!

@ MusicFirst: I don't have any kind of budget in mind at this very moment. I just want a good brand and a good solution. But that besides I don't have money to burn, if you know what you mean smile.gif
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Along with the brands you already mentioned, I would check out BG Radia for sure...
Using SS-202's (can be mounted in ceiling for incredible sound effects!) for the rear surround, and take your pick of their many in walls...
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