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Quick MakeMKV question

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I've only had a couple of minutes to play with this so I might have overlooked the obvious.
I have no experiance working with multiple drives. I'm missing something here. With help I just finished hot rodding a Dell Precision 390 for use as a media server The OS and MakeMKV is on a 80 GB drive C:. My storage area is drive M: which is a raid 5 array. MakeMKV by default is trying to send the MKV file to C:. I want to create a single folder in drive M: to send all the MKV's but I did not see how to do it. No problem doing everything in C: So how do I do all the work in C: but save in M:? I know, what a maroon
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Go into the settings and you can specify a folder to save by default too.
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Thanks, I have to work all day today and then on call tonight and July 4th till 7:00 AM Fri.
Then I start my vacation. Going to stay home and do stuff around the house and get a head start on backing up all my BD's and DVD's.
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I also like setting languages in settings so it does not grab the language audio and subtitles tracks I'm not interested in.
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