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all channel stereo on 5.1 setup

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hi experts,
All these years i have been a 2 channel stereo person. now i got genelec powered studio monitors 5.1 setup and oppo 103 blu ray player. which has 7.1 rca unbalanced output directly going to my 5.1 speakers.
oppo has DTS NEO : cinema mode which is ok for the movies and DTS NEO music (very lossy)
so when listening to audio thru my oppo which streams all my flac files from my HDD, i switch the DTS mode OFF and set it to stereo which has high imaging quality. but rest of the rear+center speakers are off except the subwoofer since its a stereo mode (it works like 2.1 setup)

my question is in order to get all channel stereo output for all my 5.1 speakers what are the best methods available??

should i go for one of these solution??. experts please i need your advice before spending more dollars and later realizing its waste.

1. Onkyo or marantz preamp/processor with XLR output and has all channel stereo mode in that.
- will it be as good as original stereo or its a lossy all channel output ?

2.Tascam unbalanced to balanced convertor with audio distribution like this
it can replicate your stereo unbalanced input in to 8 channel stereo balanced output.
but this unit s/n ratio is 87db whereas my oppo players in 115db. mad.gif

3 . any other possible ways or suggestions ?

two things looking for my solution,

1. my unbalanced rca to balanced xlr to feed my studio monitors
2. all channel stereo without any lossy decoding
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I'm not sure throwing more equipment at the problem is going to provide any benefit, I'll leave that to those familiar with the mentioned hardware. I would focus on source content and start buying multi channel CDs. I've never been particularly impressed with matrixed 2 channel CDs, but many of my SACD & DVD-A recordings are prized possessions wink.gif
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This is kind of the reverse of my situation (I'm wondering what the best way is to downmix multichannel to stereo). But, in my poking around it seems like Lexicon's Logic 7 processing often gets praised for expanding stereo sources to multichannel playback systems. At a much cheaper price point, many of the H/K receivers have it.

Whoops, just realized you're looking for balanced out. That probably won't do it for you.
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