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Best Over The Ear Headphones $200-$250

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Looking for a new pair of over the ear headphones between $200-$250

wasnt impressed with the selection @ local electronic stores


any good options out there???
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I would check out www.head-fi.org You will probably get a lot more information over there.
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Check out this buying guide at head-fi:


Figure out whether you need open or closed (open is better for soundstage). There are specific recommendations for different budgets further down the page (click to open the lists).

Then Innerfidelity's Wall of Fame lists are a good resource. Most of the individual headphone descriptions on the different category pages link to a full review:

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thanks cel,
you always seem to have good input!
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Glad to help. smile.gif

Once you've had a chance to get some idea of what headphones seem interesting to you, there is an introductions and recommendations forum at head-fi for seeking advice: http://www.head-fi.org/f/7840/introductions-help-and-recommendations
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check out this guide. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/innerfidelitys-wall-fame

edit: oops, cel already posted this link.

Anyway, I highly agree with the recommendations on the list. I've owned quite a few headphones and many of my favorites are on the Wall of Fame

I'm currently using the Sennheiser Momentum and Shure 840 as my everyday headphones
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thanks guys i think i got all the info i need!!
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Originally Posted by cjp3 View Post

thanks guys i think i got all the info i need!!

Great! Except I noticed I made a mistake in my post. "Open" are better for soundstage. If you are trying to decide between open and closed and you don't need isolation and have a quiet place to listen, the soundstage on some of those open headphones is incredible smile.gif
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