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i searсh exaktly digital video out pin on subcode out connector Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
A CD-G (compact disc-graphics) decoder was developed by integrating all subcode signal processing sections (except V-RAM) required to configure a CD-G system on a single chip, including an integrated RGB (red, green, blue) encoder. The integrated digital RGB encoder allows the LSI to output analog composite video signals. This made it possible to reduce the required number of chips and external components compared to conventional decoders and resulted in further simplification of the CD-G system configuration.
You can get CD Graphic video on TV/Monitor when you play CDG disc on the CD/DVD Player with Digital Video (not Digital Audio) output.
i think subout jack IS EXACTLY digital video out carry

A litie help
help me to figure digital video out pin on subout jack
Thanks,with respect

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