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Laid new laminate in the living room now thinking about new speakers.

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Last night I laid down some Pergo in the living room and once done I thought Hmmm new speakers. I like the old (tower) Jamo E660's that are in there now, but there outdated which is why they moved to the living room in the first place. With the 70" Sharp hanging on the wall just above the freshly installed floor I don't think I want clutter from my a/v racks, cables and speakers below anymore. So then I got the thinking about some nice wall mountable speakers such as Kef T Series T305, Def Tech XTR 50 or 60 series and Martin Logan SLM's, and running everything through the walls to the closet behind our seating area; 20 feet away. I know it's not always ideal sound wise to have speakers hanging on the wall, but hey, it's a living room and I'm sure they or others will sound better than my Jamos. Not worries about surrounds at this time as I could use some small book shelf’s for the time being or even set the towers out back for now.

I generally like to watch movies near or at ref even when in the living room. When the kids and I are watching movies it's generally set about -15db lower. The speakers would be used for about 80% movies, 10% gaming and 10% music. Where the front right speaker is/will be will be an opening to the kitchen about 4 feet away (if that would matter much). I might just run the speakers off of the Onkyo TX NR807 I have or the Emotiva XPA 5 that has been collecting dust. I'm thinking the running them from the XPA 5 (the front 3 at least) just to get the best possible sound quality and I'm considering the higher XTR 60 speakers because they can handle double the power. I'm not sure I'd be satisfied with only 100rms because although the Jamos suit me fine I do wish I had more head room for when I'm watching movies alone.

Gear that we have in the living room:
Onkyo 807
Emotiva XPA 5
Dish HD
Xbox 360/PS3

With that said does anyone think there might be a better choice out there for me than what I mentioned? I don't want to purchase new subs at this time so I'm hoping the old eD (yea Elemental Designs - haha) A7S-450 and A2-300 are up to the task of up to 100hz or so. They've always been set to 80hz. I know the wall speakers I mentioned don't dip low so that would mean my subs would have to make up mid bass as well.


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If you are going to get some on-walls, get some that are actual speakers, that can play down to at least 80htz.
Using Def Tech XTR, don't even bother taking the Emo out of the closet.
Look at the JBL Studio L820, LC2 center. Both wall mount, both play down to 80htz. They will blow away Def Tech.
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