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What is an equal to the Oppo BDP-103?  

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Looking for a close competitor, in features if not price (that would be a bonus!), to the Oppo BDP-103. It needs to be a universal player - both multi-rez formats included (so that eliminates Sony). Networking features not terribly important. Most important is quality of playback, both movies and music. I'm already getting a 103 for my Theater Room and just wanted something different for the Living Room where music will be more of a priority.
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Check out Denon.
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Which model?
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The Denon DBT-1713UD is the same $500 as the 103. It's also a universal player. But if music is a priority (especially if using analog audio outs), then the Oppo 105 is a pricey but better option. Or just get a 2nd 103.
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There isn't going to be anything really comparable to the 103, the 105 being excluded. If you do not need all the bells and whistles, consider the Pioneer Elite BDP 62FD from Best Buy for about $199 that is a universal player, but not nearly as ergonomically designed as the 103. But it is less than half the price and it does work well.
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I've actually moved on from this idea. tongue.gif

What I'm going to do now is to get both an Oppo 103 and Oppo 105. I'll put the 103 in the dedicated Theater Room paired with a Denon X4000 receiver to run that room's 7.2 system. In the Living Room, where most of the music listening (and day-to-day TV watching) will take place I'll install the 105 for its superior DAC's and analog audio and use it for normal processing functions. Why not?

What I need to do now is find a receiver to complement the 105 and not merely duplicate its processing functions. I was going to use a Onkyo NR929 in there but now that approach seems like overkill. I just need something that has a radio tuner in it (that means receiver) and will drive the 5.1 sound system in that room as well as a couple of other zones.
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I don't Understand how you use receivers to listen to music using the oppo 105 dacs. I have the top-of-the-line Denon 4520 command I could not imagine using that as a preamp with the dacs in the Oppo or any other dac it defeats the purpose it's like putting wagon wheels on a porche. The preamp section in a receiver even if it's an expensive one is awful. Try combining your home theater with a nice preamp and then get a Mac Mini using the 105 as the dac. Then Blu-ray player in the theater. You could get classé cp 40 preamp used for $400 - 700.00 will smoke any preamp section in a receiver. The Oppo was intended to be used simultaneously with a home theater and in a hi end music system not using a preamp that's worth about 40 bucks in a receiver. If you are using the Oppo as a dac with a receiver you have yet to hear how good the oppo really is not even close with a receiver. Which makes all these talks about cables and what software and what speakers to use using it's just funny I can't imagine using a receiver to listen to music.
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Please take Audio questions to the 105 thread. There is a separate dedicated thread for discussing audio specifically.

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