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screen for Benq w1070 ?

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hello AVS

im new into projectors, and just bought Benq w1070 and its my first projector

my next step is to buy a great screen for it with price range 100-200$

So could you please help me to chose which screen should i buy ?

and i would be very thank full if the screen available to buy it online (like amazon)

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In that price range you get what you pay for and they are all about the same. There are many threads here asking about budget screen, do a forum search for " budget screen" and go from there. If you are into DIY, the DIY forum can help you make/paint your own screen that will most likely (depending on your DIY skills) perform much better than a $200 Chinese screen.
If you want to take the next step up from bottom of the line, give AVS Sales a call and they can help you with the best prices of quality products on the web.
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^^ thank you for the replay

something like this isn't good enough ?
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As 'Scapes said....it is exactly what your paying for. It'll be "Better'n a bedsheet"....and it does at least retract if that is needed. If such is not needed, it's not a wise choice as from the start...or eventually, it will develop wrinkles and / or waves. Motors might go south. Surface might get damaged. Money might be wasted.

If retract-ability is not needed...that absolutely, come see us on DIY Screens. A $200.00 budget can get you a screen that performs like a +$1000 Mfg.example.

Good huntin'
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for me its hard to build a screen because am not in us or any where near am from middle east so i was welling to buy every thing online and ship it ti my country

the painting cant be shipped and the some materials cant be found online frown.gif

is there any other way to get a decent screen ? i can pay more but not to much.. say 400$

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Hi I will give you the best advice from my own experince of making a screen that will look as good as any high priced screen bar those super expensive one`s.

Go out and buy a 8x4ft of White MDF,(or larger size if needed) it must be white!!!....... 8mm is fine...... Nail it to your wall putting a nail every 3" say..then cover round the sides with a black material to hide nail holes. paint the screen with a roller with blackwidow paint mix famous on these forums.

Sit back and enjoy a screen as good as any!

O! by the way I use it with my W1070 and its amazing
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Sorry but can I find "8x4ft of White MDF" on online stores like amazon ?
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Kremov, do you need a screen that goes up and down or will a fixed frame that mounts to the wall work for you?
The inexpensive fixed frame screens will work for you, but I was trying to make you understand you are buying the bottom of the line and they are all about the same. The fixed frame units are going to be better than the manual or electric screens as there are no moving parts to break and the surface is pulled tight unlike the drop downs.
Since you are over seas and need something that can be shipped I would suggest a fixed if you can do it. Look for what is manufactures are available to ship to your location, then come back to the forum and do some forum searches for that brand and or model to see if there is any info on it. Don't just make a new thread without searching as these low end screen do get replaced and people mover on from the the forum so the time searching and reading may get you more answers then waiting for responses.
You have told us nothing about the room you are putting it in, what you will be watching and how far you will be sitting.. not that this make a lot of difference when dealing with entry level screens, but depending on your use and room a gray screen may be in order. That is a very bright projector and if you are in a white room or room with windows a gray "may" be a better choice.
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Nobody ships 4' x 8' sheet material across the Atlantic.

And for the record, all MDF must be sanded and primed before painting....but all of that should be discussed on DIY Screens.

Fixed Screen are ship-able, but most not from the US to the Middle East. EU vendors can do so, but still, their prices...especially for a Gray High Contrast Fixed screen will be quite high.

Better to make a Screen locally, by far.

And 'scapes has it nailed.....it's imperative that you provide details as to your room's lighting conditions, the colors, your viewing distance, and the positioning possibilities of your Projector in order to advise you best no matter what type screen you decide upon, Mfg or DIY.

Even a expensive, Mfg Fixed Screen can fail at it's assigned job if the Room / Projector isn't suited to the task of combining the Screen's reflective abilities to the PJ's own potential...as relates to what the Room's own attributes (...or failings...) introduce into the equation.
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