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HDMI Inputs on BR Players?

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Hello i need some help before buying home theater, the model is samsung ht-e5550 and i have samsung es6100 led tv, that bluray home theater have 2 hdmi inputs, so my question is what are they for because i intend connect br player and led tv with pc and xbox to hear that 5.1 sound, so my question is can i connect pc from my graphic card with hdmi to br player input and then br player from hdmi output to led tv hdmi input, or do i really need av receiver to see video on led tv, what's the point then of those two hdmi inputs on br player? i red on this article in point 2. that if br player have built in video processing abilities that we just connect for example xbox to br player and br player to led tv and then we have picture on led tv and sound in home theater, is that true, have anyone try this and how would i know will br home theater have built in video processing? it' s this article: http://hometheater.about.com/od/blurayonlyfaqs/f/Why-Do-Some-Blu-ray-Disc-Players-Have-Hdmi-Inputs-faq-6a.htm

p.s. i ask this mainly because i want connect pc from graphic card with hdmi to bluray player input and then from bluray blayer from hdmi out directly to led tv input and want to know is it possible?

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You should be able to just plug your computer's HDMI output into one of the E5500's HDMI inputs.

What you have is a "Home Theater in a Box", not a Blu-ray player. It's (sort of) the equivalent of a receiver which happens to have a Blu-ray player built into it.
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Should work, However, your question about that particular system would be best asked in the Home theater in a Box forum.


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thank you very much to both of you and i'm so sorry about posting in wrong section :/
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