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You sure they weren't through the clouds. As a kid I saw pictures of what the Aurora was supposed to look like and then when they actually started appearing they looked more like what was shown on the series. That far north they would be much brighter too.
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From my understanding, the Auroras' minimum altitude is about 40 miles...way higher than any clouds.

One example: http://www.northernlightscentre.ca/northernlights.html

(but I admit...this IS a fictional show)
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Originally Posted by Brian Conrad View Post

I would have thought that at least some adults in that group would have heard of the "northern lights" (Aurora Borealis) especially the programmer. I used to watch them as a kid in the late summer in Washington state.
I lived in Washington state and never saw them. I thought it was too far south. Plus, mostly cloudy.
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Late summer in southeastern Washington and I even saw them when I was living there for a while in the 1980s. Those indeed were clear nights.
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Is it over yet?
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Nope, the plot has thickened! biggrin.gif
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It's getting way interesting, more Blair witch components added, plus, maybe some time travel.. they could have been sent to the future where the production is over, hence the empty camp site , non working button and the skeleton.. mmm
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Caught the last 15 minutes last night. What was going on! eek.giftongue.gif
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Well, that ending just sucked. Not much resolution. Maybe they were hoping for enough unanswered questions that they would get a second season, but even if they do, I'm out. Wish I had been out 11-12 episodes ago.
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WTH kinda ending was that? Can't believe I wasted my time on this steaming pile. Shame on me for letting NBC fool me once mad.gif
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Oh man that HOTP article about a "plus 2" would have been great for this series, another 2 episodes to answer most of the questions and give the show a conclusion... aaaarrrgh!

Anybody else wants to see Esther die a slow death? what a biatch!
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