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Marc Finer Discusses the Content Side of UHD

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Marc Finer, Technical Director of the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), talks about how the movie studios and television broadcasters are gearing up for UHD as well as the challenges they face.


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Bump! Want to hear how UHD/4K won't be content-starved at launch the way 3D was? Check out this interview.
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But remember that people like Marc Finer are advocate "spokespeople" and many times talk up this or that for the industry they work for; a bit like spin doctors. I'd rather listen to people like Mark Waldrep of AIX Records or even Joe Kane because they are advocating the best possible product for consumers (they're true believers like us) and don't have any kind of industry agenda since they're not paid to have one. They also see the reality of the situation, not just what sounds good in an interview.

Unfortunately, the digital workflow and too many of the DI's being made are still locked at 2k, digital special effects are often times still rendered at 2k (or even 1080p) as well because of cost, time, and storage requirements, and it will be quite some time before there is a lot of native 4k programming on which to base a new UHD system around. I wouldn't put it past some studios to take 1080p masters, upconvert them, and pass them off as 2160p just like some during the beginning of HD-DVD and Blu-ray took old 1080i masters and passed them off as 1080p content.

Even if they increase the specs. to include higher bit depth, a wider color gamut, etc. (moving away from the CRT era like Mr. Kane mentioned-- which they should) will the consumer UHD masters currently being produced be based on the outdated specs and upconverted or are they already at or above the proposed standards?

And will HDMI 2.0 and H.265 codec specs. lock the UHD medium into a lesser set of spec. "rules" from the get-go? The industry seems to have designed these two critical components and then started talking about the need to really push UHD and 8k with much higher standards than ever before, so they're not just about more pixels.
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