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75u owners help please!  

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I have an existing screen and home theater setup. I am considering getting the 75u. The problem is my screen and projector distance are a set size. So can someone with a 75u please do an experiment for me? Can you see if you can get a 4:3 image to fit on a 51" high by 68" wide screen from 12' projector distance? This is a big deal and your help is appreciated before I purchase this thing.

Also, would an AE-100 fit this? if neither would, what projector would? The distance calc on projector central sucks.

- Matt
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I measured my setup and I can get an S4:3 picture to fit on my 96x54 screen from 13' but don't come close to getting a 4:3 picture on it. The handy screen calculator at http://www.panasonic.com/pbds/subcat...e/cal_701.html says that you would need a 57x76 screen for your 12' distance if I am reading it right. But you should be able to fit the image if you move your PJ to 11'.

Hope that helps.

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Man that really sucks. Thanks for checking for me. I am not sure what to do. The projector sits in a cabinet so it cannot be adjusted closer to the screen. and the screen is in an entertainment center.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what projector would work this screen size and throw distance?

What about the AE100? Are there any out there that can check for me?

- Matt
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Could you buy/build a sliding tray for the projector to sit on inside the cabinet? I've seen trays that you can mount inside kitchen cabinets (for storing pot lids or pans). It's kind of like a drawer with no sides that mounts on drawer glides. If you just need the projector 1 foot closer and can build something that would let you slide the projector forward a bit when you want to use it, you'd be all set.

Of course I am saying this having no real idea what your setup is like.

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You can also buy special lenses for the 75u, they are standard accessories, which can alter the parameters of the throw distance. Keep that in mind.
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Both ideas are good ones. As for the special lens, where would I get that?

- Matt
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The only optional lens I know of for the 75u and 55u is a wide conversion lens (ET-LEC75) that further shortens the throw by 20%. This is the opposite of what you want to do.

It would be really nice if every projector had several reasonably priced optional lenses for those of us with fixed throw distances...... or if you could order the projector with the lens that you wanted.
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The image you would get is already too big from the fixed 12' distance you gave. The only optional lens would shorten the throw and provide an even bigger image at that distance. You could get the lens and move the projector to a coffee table or ceiling mount it closer to the screen, but at $500 dollars for the lens, it doesn't seem like a reasonable solution to your problem. Lens or no lens, because your trying to exactly match an existing screen, projector placement has to be exactly right. A sliding tray for the projector seems like a reasonable, cost effective, minimal impact solution to the problem.

By the way, if you do build it, make it extra sturdy. I don't want you coming after me because your 75U fell on the floor halfway through it's first movie.

Let us how you end up solving this and send us a picture.

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That's exactly what JPinTO did with his AE-100, although he only needed less than a foot, I believe of pull out distance.

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