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Advice on a 2.1 setup for small space.

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I was hoping on some feedback for the following system that I'm planning on setting up. My living space is small so really my only option is a 2.1 setup (about 15'x10' lving room). So I've been doing some research and have narrowed down these items to fit within my budget and my needs. My question to you guys is if this setup is appropriate for what I'm looking for. I really just want good definition to the sound coming from my ps3 and home theater pc (media server), I'll be connecting these devices to a Panasonic Viera tcp50st60. So the items in question are:

Denon AVR-1312 -$128 refurbished from A4L

BIC F12 - $200

Bookshelf Speakers:
I was originally going to go for these Dayton B652's but reading recent amazon reviews indicate that the manufacturer has changed the quality of their builds resulting in a sub-par speaker
Dautpm B652 - $40 for the pair

But on the other hand I have room to spend a bit more on the bookshelves because from what I understand this is where the majority of the sound will be coming from and you don't want to skimp on these.

Pioneer SP-BS22 - $130 for the pair

This puts me at $458 max and my budget is no more than $600. Any suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated! Also, please advise if I'm posting to the wrong sub, I'm new and I thought this was the most appropriate one.
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The Pioneer speakers get good reviews, so I'd go with them. I'd check around for pricing as I've regularly seen them for $77 a pair (Fry's).
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If I were you I would spend just a little more on the receiver and get the 1613 or the 1612 to get Audyssey MultEQ calibration software. This will give you much better SQ and is worth the extra money. The BIC F12 should be great for movies and games. The BS22s are also a good choice and you should be able to find them for less than $130. You can use the cash saved to get the better receiver.
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Thank you crn3371 and postrokfan for the quick replies. A quick search led me to amazon where I was able to find them for $99! Fry's had them for the same $130.

I'll take the advice and upgrade to the 1613, this bring me up to around $515 total, still under budget.

Thanks again for your help!
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That should be a nice little budget setup. Enjoy!
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