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The Edwardian HouseTheatre

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i wanted to show you all something, rather than ask questions all the time

I've also put a link up to the AutoCAD fle - there's more detail there than you can see, and my level of expertise, whilst I'm proud of my achievements, has not reached into plotting different areas of the drawing. Neither can I get rid of the black background. Nor have I got to grips with dimensions.

Anyway, there's tennis to watch.

Enjoy, and thanks to all of those I've shamelessly stolen from.

Best skip to post 6
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Post up the file instead and let's have a look. I can't access the link. Also, export it as a .DFX so it is not version dependent. Any version of Acad will open it.

Autocad ... go to preferences, display and set the screen color to white. I have every version from 9 to 2011

Go to modify an select objects. Select them all in a window with the mouse then change color to black

Now print your file to a .PDF. You can get a free PDF printer off he Internet.

Don't save it as it will permanently change it.

You will also need to reset the display background color to black if that is what you want.

Select print - window - pick.
Select the part of your drawing you want to print and say OK
Print it

Dims are automatic if you have properly set up you scale for the drawing and drawn it accurately with cords on
Select Dimension
then the points and it will do the rest.
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If this works its Microsoft 1, Google 0.
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Also, export it as a .DFX so it is not version dependent

NOT AS A .DWG because it is Acad version specific and other folks can not look at it. Always do an export or save as .DFX for this stuff.
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I'm still waiting on a completion so the dimensions are approx, but I dont think they will be far out.

Now I have some more questions

Is it OK to sit 11'6" from a 12' wide screen? I appreciate that's a subjective question, but some opinions would help.

Is the room too long? A 60 degree ange for the rear speakers puts them on the side walls.

I could usefully shorten the room and invert the bump out which would increase the storage space behind and therefore the WAF, but I do want room for two rows and a bar.

Any comments?

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