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YYZ Theatre in Construction

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This forum is awesome. Finishing the basement and we decided to use the room with no windows as a dedicated home theatre. Taking ideas from this forum I decided to have an equipment closet--bought an omnimount re-42 and I'm currently running all the cables. The room dimensions are 13 feet wide by 20 feet long with 8 foot ceiling. I will be building a 3 foot wide closet along the entire back wall where I will be placing the re-42 and build it into the frame. I was going to place the projector in the equipment closet with a window opening for the projector but Costco.ca has a great deal on the BENQ 1070 which is short throw...my initial choice of projectors was the panasonic pt ae8000 or 7000...Are there disadvantages/advantages to putting the projector in an equipment room? Thanks!
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Advantage is you'll be better able to control the noise from its fan if its not in your room thus lowering your noise floor, and you can then also cool it along with the rest of your gear, if required, more easily. Another is you won't have a head hazard in your 8' high room. Measure ceiling finished, floor finished, projector mount and projector itself and you'll start to see how "low" a short throw projector might look like 12' from your screen, almost in the middle of your room... Might be an eyesore.

Disadvantage is you'll have fewer projectors to choose from and will be looking at super zooms like the pannys.
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Great points! I'm going to set up the wiring for the projector in the equipment closet--any ideas on how large i should make the frame of the window so that the picture is not clipped? I'm going to use the Panasonic ae8000 hanging at the back end of the 3foot wide closet (18feet to 120inch screen) .
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