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speakers behind screen....

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I am a real newbie to this and have a question about putting speakers behind a screen. i built a screen using drywall and behr silver screen paint. My front speakers overlap onto the screen a little and although its not much it does bother me a little. poor planning i know. so the solution is....deal with it or can i take the front tower speakers and put them in the room behind the screen and just cut out holes behind the screen? the width of the screen is about 8 ft. The towers do not have subs in them.
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If your screen is made out of drywall you can't put the speakers behind it. The screen must be acoustically transparent to place the speakers behind it.

Check out the screens forum for more info.
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LOL. I was kind of wondering how he was going to cut out holes behind the screen, when it's painted on drywall.
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He could use transducers though, but what I got out of it is that he built a screen out of drywall and then hung that on the wall.
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