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Denon AVR-3808CI Relay Contacts

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Has anyone had to clean the speaker relay contacts before and if so, could you please post how you did it?

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No one has had to clean their receiver's relay contacts?
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I didn't even know they had any relays. What are they used for?

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I don't know how many sets of relays are in the AVR-3808CI and what purpose they all serve. In this specific case the relays in question appear to control the speaker mute. If you press the mute button you can hear the relay(s) click.

The issue I'm having is that when I un-mute the speakers, often enough this results in one of the front speakers with tremendously low volume compared to the opposite side. To temporarily fix the issue, I have to repeatedly press the mute button to restore a normal sound levels from both speakers. If I never press the mute button, which is what I'm doing now, the speaker sound levels never drop off. This gives me the impression that the relay contacts are dirty.

Could it be something else?

Thanks for the reply.
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I would have expected Mute to just decrease the pre-amp gain by 20 dB (the way I use it) or more for people using a full mute.

But, if there are actually relays in there, then your analysis sounds good. But I have no idea about cleaning/replacing them (odds are they are soldered in).

Can you set your receiver to use the -20 dB setting for muting? That might avoid the problematic relays and still provide sufficient muting.

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I'm fairly certain that my old Pioneer didn't use relays to fully mute the sound. Perhaps more expensive Denon receivers don't either.

As near as I can tell, the relays appear to be buried inside the receiver, making it difficult to get to them without major disassembly. If the relays were socketed, that could also explain the sound level changing.

I like your idea about changing the way the mute works. So, I've changed the Mute Level setting in the Volume Control from "Full" to "-40dB". So far that something I could live with, and also I don't have to worry about accidentally hitting the mute button.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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