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Hi Folks,
My Bel Canto DAC3 is en route. Trying to get the best connectivity out of my gears:
Samsung Bluray Player to Pioneer Receiver LX73 hooked unbalanced to Rotel Power Amp (RB-1080).
Rotel drives my Castle Howard's 2 ch front speakers. Pioneer drives centre, sub and other 6 Infinity speakers for movies.

I was intending to hook my Samsung BD player to Bel Canto via digital, connect Bel Canto to my Rotel power amp via balanced cables. This allows me to use the Bel Canto for music (balanced) and leave others (unbalanced to Rotel) as is for movies. Worried this config is wrong (return current) as Samsung is also going to Pioneer then Rotel.
PLEASE Advise.

Other option I am thinking of:
Samsung BD HDMI --> Pioneer AVR front pre-out (direct mode) --> DAC --> Rotel power amp
But this assumes my Pioneer AVR acts as a preamp which can be an unnecessary process as the DAC has its inbuilt preamp.