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Paradigm Shift A2 vs Paradigm Millenia CT

Poll Results: Paradigm Shift A2 vs Paradigm Millennia CT

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    Paradigm Shift A2
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    Paradigm Millennia CT
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I'm keeping this as simple as possible. If you like, feel free to add any additional comments as you see fit smile.gif

The Millennia CT in the poll is asking for the CT not the MilleniaOne CT!

Product links: Paradigm Shift A2 --==-- Paradigm Millenia CT

Thanks for polling!

If this is the wrong forum btw, if a mod could move this please. I figured this was the best match as there is no dedicated Compact Theatre/ Self-Powered Speaker section.
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Personally, I've never heard the MilleniaOne CT system before. But what I do know, is that the amps give the speakers 40 watts. With the Shifts, each speaker receives 100 watts (50 to the woofer, 50 to the tweeter). I could be wrong, but I dont think the CT system doesn't have as big of a woofer per speaker as the Shifts.

This makes me believe the Shifts will play louder and cover a wider range of frequencies.

Also, dont forget the shifts can use either 3.5mm input/output or line level RCA input/output.

For these reasons, my vote would go to the Shifts.

But beware: Three of the four shifts I have been in possession of have been faulty. If you can get a pair of non-faulty ones I think you will he happy though.
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Thanks for the input, that makes sense. However, the Millenia CT has a dedicated subwoofer in addition to the sattelites.

I've auditioned a pair of Shift A2's and sent them back because of hissing. It seems to be a matter of luck whether one gets a pair with or without the hissing. Other than that though they sounded very good. Precise and punchy bass. If I was to nitpick, I'd say some lack of warmth and detail in the midrange and the treble a tad too bright.

Too be sure, although similar in looks I am looking at the Millenia, not the MilleniaOne.
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So what about the the subwoofer the Millenia has - was that part of your consideration?
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Yeah, sorry. I meant the Millenia, not the MilleniaOne. After refreshing myself by taking a look at the specs I have a couple more reasons to defend my position on the A2 speakers.

1) The cost. A pair of the wood grain A2s will run you $560, which is $140 less than the MCT system. You also get better speakers by choosing the A2s.

2) The subwoofer. To be honest, I would rather take the $140 I saved by going with the A2s and put it towards a subwoofer when I had a little bit more money to spend (around $300-$400 perhaps). The subwoofer which comes with the MCT system has it's crossover point at 140hz, and that means it will sound localized. To have the sensation that the bass is omnipresent, coming from everywhere rather than from one place, the crossover point should be 80hz or lower. Not to mention, the subwoofer is only 90 watts.
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Ok, got it.

There is a used Millenia going on ebay atm for $500 (floor model), but if the Shift A2 are better at $60 more and I can get warranty on those, I'll be going with them. Hopefully I can get a pair that isn't faulty. Thanks again for the input! cool.gif
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