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Originally Posted by Cetrian View Post

Oh hell, then why not tell him to go with multimode fiber wink.gif

Real men use single mode.
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Plenum cable isn't supposed to perform better. It doesn't even have to be fire retardant. What it needs to do is not bleed off noxious vapors when it catches fire.
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Originally Posted by bryansj View Post

The problem with the OP's stranded CAT6 cable is that it probably isn't in-wall rated.

These cables are CMR rated for in-wall riser use. These cables are CM rated for in-wall use.
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Folks i just wanted to update you about the progress of the Whole House Cat 6 network install.

I took the advice of folks on AVS and terminated the home run into a central closet in the basement. I decided not to use a patch panel and have terminated to the switch directly.

There are 35 Cat6 cable runs, used up 1000ft x 2 of Monoprice cables, there was a bit of wastage but the extra scrap was useful in practicing and will make for custom patch cables. Each room got at least two, some key areas (like Family, Living, Master, Kids room, basement entertainment nook got 4 drops each). Even my formal dining room has two Cat 6 drops. smile.gif

In the picture below you can see the Trendnet Green 24-port gigabit switch, cable modem (Cablevision 50/25Mbit) and my D-Link wireless router. I had the electrician install a coaxial and receptacle for the cable modem

The picture below has a close up of the tools that I used to terminate. My 568B termination cheat sheet. The $5 network tester is worth its weight in gold. I have perfect terminations for the 20 odd terminations I completed (at least 1 from each room to test the cable intergrity).

I gave the electrician a layout map of the floors (drew it in powerpoint) marking where I wanted the drops, as he pulled the wires he labelled the wires on the map and at the home run ends. I re-labelled them with masking tape and bunched them together for convenience.

This picture shows some of the un-terminated wires, the electrician left plenty of length (hence the wastage) on either side and that accounted for using up 2000ft of cable.

The keystone terminations in the family room showing the VOIP (basic talk) phone line connected

This is the bonus room where I have my Canon MX870 set up for wireless/network printing/scanning and has a future server and NAS box. I only had two drops going to this room and ended up adding a second (5-port) Trendnet switch. The white wire snaking in the closet is a 25 ft patch from the keystone jacks on the opposite side of the room to the 5 port switch.
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