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Mitsubishi DLP screen has dots?

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A few months ago i noticed a single white dot in the middle of my screen and since then they have been spreading. Some are white some are black. Dose anyone know what would cause this?


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Forgot to add the model

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A somewhat common problem with any DLP, irrespective of model. The DMD (DLP chip) is beginning to fail. What you're seeing are a scattershot of the DMD's micromirrors becoming stuck, as opposed to being normally capable of moving freely throughout their range.

Various factors, including heat and electrical effects are responsible for this failure.

You can:

Call Mitsubishi and complain.

If they don't help you you can:

Replace the whole optical engine (fairly easy but somewhat expensive)


Replace just the DMD chip IN the optical engine. This is a bit more difficult, but is the least expensive option. You might also find a technician in your area who can do either of the above for you.
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How expensive is a DMD chip? Are there any write up on how to change one out?
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You need to do some searching on this forum, as there are many on AVS who have replaced their optical blocks and their DMDs. There's a lot of details there, but you need to take the time to search. Let your fingers do the work.

Just browsing the net I came up with these:


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Posted in another tread:
Mitsubishi is replacing these DMD IC chips nationwide under an unannounced kind of recall for model #’s WD60C9, WD73733, WD57734, WDY657, WD73734, WD65735, WD60735, WD65C9, WD73840, WD65833, WD65733, WD73735, WD73833, WD57733, WD65734 and others. Call them @ 800-332-2119 and give them your model, serial # and date of purchase, tell them you have the white spots, they will set up a workorder with a local Mitsubishi servicer to come to your home and replace the DMD chip. Mitsubishi will supply the part (part # 276P595010) for free, but you must pay $200 in labor. BUT…if you ask for Shantell Hebert when you call Mitsubishi, and really push the issue, she may also pay half of the $200 labor fee.
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That's great info for the OP. I suggested calling Mits as the first option, but it's invaluable to know that an unofficial replacement program exists.
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My TV is to old and i would have to pay more to have there Tech install a new chip then what a new chip alone
would cost me. I looked up how to change the chip and it looks pretty easy and straight forward.

I plan to upgrade to a LED tv anyway, i think ill order the new chip and do the install my self and then sell the tv.
I have grown to dislike the amount of heat this DLP puts off and the amount of energy it uses. I would actually
enjoy doing the chip myself, i like doing tech stuff smile.gif
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TV shut off and getting red blinking light?

Dose anyone know if the DMD/DLP chip can go completely bad?
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Originally Posted by DemonGT View Post

TV shut off and getting red blinking light?

Dose anyone know if the DMD/DLP chip can go completely bad?
Your lamp is out. Replace your lamp.
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Lamp replaced, TV working again.

i bought a new DMD chip, going to install today. going to sell this DLP, going to make the switch to LED.
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