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I see...

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... the forum police are out in full force here again, pulling threads about a person that has ripped off multiple people here and on my forum and on ebay.

Nice going, moderators! if it were a one time thing, I'd understand, but you're doing a disservice by deleting threads about well known (to some) ripoff artists. Way ta keep fraud alive on the internet!
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Curt oh Curt, still got the hots for me huh? we all know that post was about me, if I were you sir Id be careful about allowing any nut to come along and say whatever they want about me and take it as gospel, could be a big nasty stink started over such things tongue.gif
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It is funny how many so-called nuts there are in the world. You seem pretty good at ripping off the shells of these nuts.

Why don't you address the many problems that people have had with you over the years? Of course, that will never happen as it is always their fault. Fortunately for you this thread will probably be history soon as well and you can go back to scamming with no one the wiser.
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id love to address it all but the leader of the attacks against me wont allow me on his forums to speak my peace, i get banned every time I try

this particular issue with James Blair and the lens for parts trade has 2 sides to the story, my side? the freakin idiot sent me a cooked EHT and Quad, I never even sent them back to him, which was admittedly wrong

I am still in business BTW, how long do you think I would be with all these cries of scamming on people left and right rolleyes.gif
Edited by Gary Murrell - 7/8/13 at 8:33pm
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Gary wrote me two messages in private these days where promises to send the pieces that I paid several months ago.
I wait, I can not do anything else.
I will write here and in the forum of Curt if these pieces will be delivered.

Hi Gary
Have you shipped my stuff?
Let me know the tracking number please.
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Wow That really strang that you come back with these remarks when I have had to chase you down to all to find the mask that you have been hiding under. We are all human, and we make mistakes. It takes a real man to state a mistake that he has made and make It right, It's simple If you would of said in any of your emails with me,stating the quad I sent you was fried I would of simply sent you another one, It worked when I parted the machine out, and I put insr. on the shipment. you stated serveral time you were sending the lens, after a year later, you come up with this redickaloas statement .and I have prof . 30 someodd picktures of email that are traced back to you. The scam is up. And your not even manly enough to use your name, You used your wifes.
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FWIW, Gary didn't send me a bunch of parts long before 2012 and ended up screwing me over, and it inconvenienced a customer bigtime.. It was pre 2009, so for Gary to state above in 2012 that he'd send me the projector, or at least boards out of any projector that he owned is ludicrous.
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