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RF sync vs dlp link sync on 3D projector

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One of things i dont like about my dlp link glasses and projector setup is that somtimes when the movie starts the left/right sync is reversed. I have to hit the invert button on my projector to fix it. This happens about 50% of the time. I believe this is an inherent limitation of the dlp link approach. If my next projector (looking at optoma hd25) uses RF glasses will it also be out of sync sometimes requiring me to hit the invert to correct it? I did a search but couldnt find an answer to this. thanks.
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I am assuming your current projector is an older 3D ready projector that required a 120hz 3D formatted signal from a computer or Optoma 3D adapter?

Those older projectors did not have a reference signal for DLP Link, as in knowing which alternating frame image was which, and is the reason why the L/R orientation had a roughly 50% chance of being incorrect. Newer 3D DLP projectors either get 3D via HDMI 1.4, or is decoded internally from side by side squeezed or top bottom squeezed 3D content, typically which are pay tv services. The L/R orientation in all cases is known and established.

In short- DLP link on newer projectors is the correct orientation, all of the time.
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Thanks for the explanation. My current projector is "3D ready" so it does require an external processor to feed it. I use the viewsonic vp3d1. So now i just need to decide if i should go with the cheaper dlp link glasses or the more expensive RF ones. Sounds like people like the better contrast with RF sine there us no sync flash happening between images. Whether I go RF or dlp link I think I need to buy new glasses. My current setup uses 120hz dlp link glasses and I think I need the 144hz ones if I decide on the HD25.
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Unless you can disable the DLP flash I'd get DLP Link glasses.
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I was assuming the DLP flash wouldn't be there when using the RF mode but maybe it is. I'll probably buy 1 pair of RF and 1 pair of DLP link and comapre them then just return or sell the one I don't choose. I need 5 pais total so its probably a good idea to verify which looks best before committing to one tech vs the other. If they look the same I'll just go with the cheaper DLP link.
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In the HD33 menu options, you can select between VESA- IR 3D (which could be RF instead, as it uses the same emitter port) and DLP-LINK 3D. When DLP LINK is activated, the screen has a slight red tint when in 3D. When the IR mode is selected, the LINK flash insert is disabled.

EDIT: I just found a review on the HD25 where it was reported earlier firmware would default to DLP-link mode everytime it was shut down.


Newer models should be fine, but would be something to double check if you opt to go with RF glasses.
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I just bought the HD25 this week and I also bought a pair of the Optoma BG-ZF2100GLS glasses as well as the Sainsonic SSZ-200DLB DLP link glasses. I wanted to compare the DLP link glasses vs the RF glasses. I really wanted to like the Sainsonic ones since they are 1/2 the price and I need 6 pairs. On the box of the Optoma glasses it said it handled 96, 100, 120Hz. I would have assumed they did 144Hz but it doesn't say that anywhere. The Sainsonics were labeled as handling 144Hz. I tried my old ultraclear DLP link glasses which are 120Hz and I couldn't get them to work with HD25.

My dedicated theater in the basement is totally light controlled. I'm shooting a 106" diagonal onto an accoutically transparent center stage XD screen with a 1.2 gain. I tested a wide variety of 3D content ranging from vintage black and white with The Creature From The Black Lagoon all the way up to more recent Oz the Great and Powerful. After quite a bit of viewing I can easily say that in my opinion the Optoma RF glasses provided a nicer 3D image. I'm not sure if it was because of the DLP link technology is inferior to the RF or if it was just the fact that the Sainsonics were not as high quality.

The main difference was the Sainsonics had less contrast in the image. It was almost like they had a very faint haze over everything. Blacks were nicer with the Optoma glasses. Not sure if this was due to the DLP sync flash washing things out or the quality of the LCD lenses isn't as good for the Sainsonics. The image had a slightly greener cast to it as well witht he Sainsonics. I tried to adjsut the image brightness and contrast to make the DLP link mode with the Sainsonics look equivalent to the Optoma RF glasses in VESA mode but I couldn't get an equivalent match without reducing the IQ overall.

I also had a couple of instances where the Sainsonics lost sync. I wasn't looking away from the screen so I'm not sure what caused it. I've been using DLP link glasses with my old Acer H5360 fora coupleof years and they never lost sync unless I looked away from the screen.

If I didn't have the RF glasses to switch back and forth with I would probably be happy with Sainsonics but when compared directly against the RF glasses, they were not as good as the Optomas. After this comparison I'm glad I decided on the Optoma HD25 vs the BenQ 1070 I was looking at. The BenQ only does DLP link for 3D so it doesn't have the RF option. This feature alone makes the HD25 better than the BenQ 1070 in my opinion.

The Optoma HD25 was a definte upgrade over my 2+ year old Acer H5360. I'm glad I made the switch.
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Thanks for posting your experience with the HD25 and the two different types of 3-D glasses.

For what its worth, some six months ago I tried some Sainsonic DLP glasses with my 120hz 3-D projector. The given Sainsonic type I used were the first and only DLP Link glasses to loose sync quickly, and on a couple of occasions when they regained sync after turning away, the L/R orientation would flip. None of my other Link glasses do that with my current projector. That was enough for me to goodbye to Sainsonic.

It's a shame to hear the Ultra-Clears won't work at 144hz, as those are great DLP Link glasses.
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The only thing i didn't like about the ultra clear DLP link glasses is when you tilt your head up or down the there is a color shift in the image. I don't move my head a lot when i watch a movie but when I did it bugged me because once I knew it did that I always noticed it.
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