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Problems with Harmony One and Directv HDDVR

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I have been using the Directv remote that came with my dvr, it's set for RF.

I have a Harmony One and a DirecTV HR23-700 hd-dvr

I have a watch tv activity with the directv model setup correctly in the Harmony software. I went in the directv menu and changed the remote setup from RF to IR. Click continue.

Now I should be able to control the dvr with my Harmony, right? But nothing happens. I have to use the arrows on the dvr to change the remote type back to RF so my directv remote works again.

Can someone help?
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Once its in IR mode, there are 8 IR addresses to chose from, if you don't want to mess up the directv remote in rf mode for some reason, you can slide to av1 or av2 device and then enter ir codes start with 00001. And if that doesn't control your receiver while in IR mode, then try other codes from 00002 to 00008. Once you find a code that works, go into the menu of the harmony, confirm IR, it'll have you teach a few commands, the rest of the keys will change to match.
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So I have to program the Directv remote to RF first? Okay, I've tried that, but entering the code it says on the screen does nothing, can't control anything with either remotes, have to use the buttons on the front of the dvr to go back to the menu to change it to rf
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Are you using the RF function on the remote because your Directv box is in a closet or cabinet outside of line of site? 


Can the Harmony One operate a device outside of line of site?


I have the Directv HR34-700 and I've used the RF option on the Directv remote. However, with my Harmony 520, I have to use the "Nextgen remote control extender" in order to operate my devices outside of line of site.


This question caught my eye because I am considering upgrading my Harmony 520/Nextgen based control to the all-in-one option promised by the "Harmony Smart Control" system


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Edmund posted the procedure that works and has worked since the dawn of time. DirecTV works fine with all universal remotes. OP is missing something.

The Harmony One is not RF and must be line of sight. The Smart Control is RF only. It will be functionally equivalent to your current Next Gen system except that all your devices will need to be line of sight with the base or blasters. The benefit of the Smart Control, IMO, is bluetooth integration for the PS3 and iPhone integration. You'll lose the LCD from your 520, which I personally would not want to lose.

If you can find one, the Xsight Touch is an excellent alternative to high end harmonys and can operate DirecTV via RF natively, no base or blasters required. This is because the maker of Xsight also makes all DirecTV remotes and has built that functionality into the Xsight.
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I don't know what the problem was, I guess my One had the wrong dvr code or something. But I purchased the Harmony Ultimate and it works great! Worked fine with my dvr the first time.
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