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Recomendation 8x8 Matrix - HDMI

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Recomendation 8x8 Matrix - HDMI

* 8x8 HDMI
* RS-232 or IP control
* 1.4a
* 3D support.
** future possibility of running 4K?

VS-88H - Kramer - 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switcher


SB-5688LCM - 8x8 HDMI - Shinybow

or do you suggest another model?

Thanks a lot!
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This Zektor its to big...

This KD-HD8x8 ( its good) ?
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What the extender ( Cat5 or Cat6 ) its good in this case ( Kdhd8x8 )?
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Any extender should work fine since it would be independent of the matrix switch. There is another model that integrates 2 wire CAT5e/6 transmitters in the switcher.


There is also a brand new model out a lower price of $3000 MSRP:

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Skip the 8x8... for the price of one, you can buy 1 blu ray for each zone. And 1 WD TV Live (or similar) for each zone. I was once considering one, but when weighing the practical uses of it versus the costs, the cons far outweighed the cons.

BTW, 3D TV is dead.
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Where in the thread did the OP list his needs or even mention a BD player as a source? Supposing that was one of his desired sources, are you suggesting that if he wishes to move from room to room while watching a movie, he stop the disc, take it to the next room, skip to where he left off, then continue watching? That's bad enough--what if he was in the middle of watching streaming content?.

Zektor, Atlona, Intelix, SnapAV, and Leaf come to mind as far as 8x8 matrices. Look for HDBaseT models.
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