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Sub/Sat under $1000

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What does the community think the best Sub/Sat system is for under $1000. Bigger isn't always better, and there's the wife acceptance factor.
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That's way too broad a question as there are a huge number of good answers. Do you have specific requirements for sound, features, and aesthetics?
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You should post this in the Speakers forum where you will get many more responses.

With a $1000 budget you don't need to be in the HTiB area.

You will need to be more specific though as there is no consensus best sub/sat system. Also provide your room dimensions.

A good start might be something like 5 of these Energy V-Mini speakers or 5 NHT sats and a SVS compact subwoofer.



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I am looking for satellites I can mount on the wall without hitting a stud, if thats possible. I did listen to a kef 105 setup and it sounded really good to me. I currently have a set of celestion F30 tower speakers, Klipsch RC52 centre and no name surrounds. I want something that sounds better than what I have but in a much smaller form factor.
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I want something that sounds better than what I have but in a much smaller form factor.

I don't know anything about your Celestion speakers but the RC52 is a larger center channel. Doubt a little satellite center can compete with that.

I've owned sat/sub systems and then replaced with bookshelf or tower speakers. The bookshelf/towers always sounded better.

the laws of physics are in effect here. you wont get bigger sound from much smaller speakers unless the larger speakers are not very good.
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Try Cambridge Audio Minx speakers.
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How would buying the matching bookshelfs to the centre channel work if I hung them on the walls. The only reason I wanted a satellite set was to have a better acceptance factor
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The RB-51 are the matching bookshelf speakers and they do have a keyhole slot so they can be mounted on the wall.

If you want to angle them you can use something like this bracket.
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Thanks guys I went with a klipsch RB 41 II's for the surrounds and Rb 51's for the fronts with my rc 52 for the center. I hung the bookshelfs on the walls and put the center on my AV cabinet. I am using an Klipsch 8' sub for the lows. I will have to say I am happy with the aesthetics and the sound quality. Gotta Love the efficiency of klipsch.
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