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Differences in the "Room Perfect" software btw McIntosh MX-151 vs Steinway and Lyngdorf Series S

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Hi everyone,

Although this is my first post on AVS, I am no stranger to the site because I have been following this site and a lot of times learning valuable product info from the site, since I think the Oppo machines started to be popular. I remember going to my HT installation shop telling them how good and cost effective they were, but I was laughed at because they say the machines are made in China thus nothing of that calibre could even compare to the super High End brands that they carried. Well, I am currently planning on moving places by the end of the year and I went back to the same HT installation shop (They are very expensive but they really know what they are doing) hoping to use them for my new place's setup. So what do I see when I walked in? An Oppo blue ray player hooked up to a Steinway and Lyngdorf series S stereo setup. I was like, damn you guys are slow, it took them three years to finally agree that Oppo was not just a piece of junk from China, but actually something that is affordable, catered to enthusiasts like us and also extremely quick to market on new technology and chip sets. This shows that, although most people on this site are not professionals in the Hi fi industry, due to our passion and non P&L driven opinions, we as a whole really knows what is good and bad and what trends/brands are solid performers and what are hypes driven by the corporate marketing machines.

So in short, I really treasure and trust the opinions I get from this site.

Anyways, back to the topic.

My HT installer have been trying to sell me a set of the S series HT system. He explained to me the typical marketing points you see on the web, but he stresses that out of all of the special features, the Room Correction part is the most impressive and valuable. But after I found out the price, I don't think I can afford to buy the entire system at once, but would have to start from stereo then slowly save up and MIGHT be able to upgrade to the HT system. If I sell my old systems I can probably THINK about buying it.

Question 1: Is the Room Perfect software on the MX 150/151 same as the one in the Series S?

Question 2: How would you compare the Meridian 861 vs McIntosh MX 151 vs Steinway and Lyngderof S-Series on their ability to correct an acoustically challenged room? I wish I was still in the states, where dedicated room are pretty affordable. but in Asia, especially Hong Kong, real-estate is pretty expensive. And you have to be making bill gates' salary to be able to have that option available. The new apartment that I am moving into has a small loft area, accessible by stairs to a 4meters X 5 meters room that is 13.1 X 16.4 sq feet room, with full length glass on the right side and half height windows on the left. I mean this is no installation heaven, but at least that are four sides to the room and not three.

Question 3: My installation guy told me that the MX 151's room perfect technology is from 10 years ago and the ones they have on the S series are much more advance and also much better. I actually thought the McIntosh one is much easier to use. I've never seen how the S & L gets tuned, but there are no LCDs on the machines and you have to either have someone install it for you ( I am sure there will be a charge) or you have to buy an installation kit and do it yourself. I will probably go for the do it yourself route cause I like to play around and try different settings. I mean I have been playing around HT as a hobby for nearly 25 years, but I for sure does not have the ear to tell the difference between minute differences. If indeed there are "significant" improvements between the two, would someone like me, be able to tell and enjoy them?

And since I already have a MC 207 and also full set of 5.1 speakers/sub. The difference in actual dollar spent for new equipment would be significantly higher. I think the savings would be around 20K difference...!!!! I can buy a nice car with that!!!


Thank you in advance for everyone's comments

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subscribed and curious to hear any feedback
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First I wanna say Hi, first post here, but thought i could contribute.

Having audtioned the SL-S-series (dream setup for me the surround version + the linesource subs) and asking the dealer about the Lyngdorf amplifiers using the roomperfect aswell and the difference between using lyngdorfs own speaker and other brands with room perfect.
(note i did not ask about the macintosh but i would guess the roomperfect software/hardware is the same, thats just my guess tho)

He told me the RP (roomperfect) works best with speakers close to the wall, like the lyngdorf own speakers and the SL own speakers, and same with subs, works best when in corner position. So if you could get a couple of speakers that dont have a huge bass/flowport firing backwards and placing the speakers close to the wall you should get very good results, i havent tried tho.
Why this is he tried explain to me is to get the best time response(both for speakers + subs(corner placement))
What i've heard from other people using roomperfect with their speakers is it works greta with other speakers aswell tho.

The salesman also stated roomperfect IS the best room correction system availible, and honestly i dont doubt him one second.
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Just to give you guys an update. I finally took the plunge and got the S-series stereo setup and will be upgrading that to the surround sound version later this summer. I mean the S-series to me (Have not calibrate them yet) so far is just finding them immersive, but no where near the perfect sound that I expected. Anyways, its too late to turn back now. Will give you guys full update when I have them properly installed and calibrated. I might even try to get a second hand MX150 just to see if there is such a big difference. Also I heard they are going to increase their prices soon so if anyone is interested please approach them soon. Anyways thanks for the explanation.smile.gif
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