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Hello, please help with the following question.

I own a Harman Kardon integrated amplifier (HK-990) an recently bought a NAD turntable model C-556.

The specifications for the HK990 phono imput (MM) are sensitivity/Impedance 10mv/47kOhms and the cartridge on the NAD-556 (Ortofon OM5E) has an output voltage of 4mv with a recommended load resistance of 47kohms.

I feel that the HK990 is not amplifying the turntable quite well. I have to turn the volume up more than normal (-10db) to hear not even a loud signal. Do I need a separate phono preamp?

I do not know (it is just an assumption) that the HK990 starts amplifying at 10mv thus the cartridge has to match those 10mv or more. Is that right? And the Ortofon cartridge amplifies at 4mv. Is not that affecting somehow?

Thank you for your reply

Fernando Duclaud